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THE DEBATE: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Cannot Rock The Board Room

I watched this debate live on BBC, last month, yes amidst the running headlines of the missing MH370 and I must say Allison Pearson, the author of I Don't Know How She Does It, which became a hit movie in 2011 acted by my favourite Sarah Jessica Parker, hits the nail with her argument for the motion saying that it is not possible to be a committed mother and excel in the boardroom as the demands of motherhood makes it impossible to accommodate both worlds.

Aside from agreeing with her, I enjoyed her presentation and watching the reaction on my husband's face every time she hits the hammer on what a husband selfishly expected out of their wife was absolutely amusing.

Most boardroom women are successful because of the support they have behind them. Parents, relatives or/and house-maids play a huge role in their children's life and without this, it's close to impossible to achieve it all. The minute you have to pay attention to your career, you pay the price of losing so…

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