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THE DEBATE: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Cannot Rock The Board Room

I watched this debate live on BBC, last month, yes amidst the running headlines of the missing MH370 and I must say Allison Pearson, the author of I Don't Know How She Does It, which became a hit movie in 2011 acted by my favourite Sarah Jessica Parker, hits the nail with her argument for the motion saying that it is not possible to be a committed mother and excel in the boardroom as the demands of motherhood makes it impossible to accommodate both worlds.

Aside from agreeing with her, I enjoyed her presentation and watching the reaction on my husband's face every time she hits the hammer on what a husband selfishly expected out of their wife was absolutely amusing.

Most boardroom women are successful because of the support they have behind them. Parents, relatives or/and house-maids play a huge role in their children's life and without this, it's close to impossible to achieve it all. The minute you have to pay attention to your career, you pay the price of losing so…

The Sky Isn't the Limit!

I was busy googling for unique facebook bios and found this site that had about hundred plus of it. Went through each and I found this and it is so apt to what I always say against "The Sky Is The Limit" phrase. I don't know who came up with this saying.. but I love it!
Decided to design it in a Facebook Cover and this is it.

Happy International Women's Day

Yes, it's 8th of March once again and it's our day! But before I wish you a Happy International Women's Day, I'd like to ask you to ask yourself.. how many times have you wished for a woman to have a stone thrown at her for how much she has pissed you off? Or how many times have you accused a lady of something you have no clue about? Or join in a gossip not to help but only because it gives you the high to know how badly one is behaving or how rotten their life is turning out to be?

How much do you actually do to make the wrongs in another woman's life, right?

I may sound like Ebenezer Scrooge right now as he nagged over Christmas, but before we go wishing everyone with ovaries, can we ask ourselves this?

Just to set the record straight, I'm not a saint with my opinions on other women myself. I do let my annoyance and anger get the better of me, sometimes to the greatest extent of calling one bitch! Because that's the thing right, we think we can just call …

Living A Plus Size Life

I had a rather unexpected yet interesting weekend after discovering a post on FB on what was supposedly or should I say apparently a FAT SHAMING advertisement by Hewlett Packard on their Spectra - the world's thinnest laptop.

This was brought to attention by fat-positive feminist, sexologist and author Virgie Tovar of USA who says HP's new ad is unacceptable, absurd, and body shaming and that its tagline "Power To The Thinnest" is an insult to the fat community - yes you read that right, a laptop's tagline is an insult to the fat community.

In my amazement of this new world I discovered - a world where people are offended by adjectives used to describe an innovation that has no life within it, a machine with electronics and processors, used to connect with other people and do complete work and create more creations, is being condemned for being hailed thin and light. Really? I did have a hilarious time trying to understand this last Friday. I mean it's a lapt…

Of Pandas, Boyhood and Pictures

I guess I can say that I lost the liberty to watching a movie on its release date the day I delivered my first child. No, I am not complaining! I'm merely stating a fact. As much as it was fun doing the things you can do before you're entrusted with a little baby in your life, watching a movie after a year or two or a decade later is still a good thing than not watching one at all. Anyway, since it is the Raya holidays this week, I managed to catch up on my movie viewing and watched Kung Fu Panda 3, Boyhood and Movies & Pictures.

KFP3 had many mixed reviews online, but the thing about me, is no matter what others say about a movie, I need to be the judge of it. Anyway I loved it! As I did for KFP1 and 2. It was funny and inspiring as always. The connection between all three movies I believe flowed well.

Then there was Boyhood, that was a 172 minutes well spent, but it would have been torture for anyone who hated constant silence as was the case for this. I guess the part t…

Your Name Is Your Shield

It's a wonderful opportunity to revisit Alex Haley's book - ROOTS in the reimagined series by History Channel that was aired first on Memorial Day in the US.
Growing up, I remember the weekly anticipation my family experienced in watching Kunta Kinte in action. We never called the show by its actual name - Roots (1977), we named it Kunta Kinte.
It was a highly memorable period for many families who owned a TV set back then. Emotionally intensed and heart breaking at every point in every episode - learning how slaves were traded and treated like animals instead of humans. How a family struggled from one generation to another. How no African slave had the right to their own life, and how within 24 hours, one's fate could change tremendously for the worse. 
Now after 30 years, watching Roots (2016) on TV with my little children, the emotions are even more intensed for me. With age of course you begin to understand the intensity of history. Of how things happened to shape the wor…

Citizen's Arrest

With everything that goes on these days, the words common sense being uncommon keeps sounding again and again in the media and in casual chats among friends and family, so often that we don’t give a damn anymore about it.

While being able to say what is and isn’t sensible, not many are willing to reprimand a wrong doer. Why? Is it because they don’t have the guts? Do they feels it is not their business or think someone else will deal with the correctional actions? Does it only become a hot topic of discussion on a social media site because most people are all about talk and not action? We just allow people to do what they want and give a blind eye to it - it’s more convenient that way because you want to avoid being physically injured by the other party for telling on them.

Imagine if we still practiced citizen's arrest?

How many people would be summoned for all the wrong things they do?

For littering (including throwing trash out of their vehicles) and illegal waste dumping, for …

21st Century Educators

Being a teacher in the Internet era is a completely different ball game with  information being accessible to students at the tip of their fingers. 
Being an educator in the 21st century, we need to keep ourselves updated and convey knowledge that is credible in order to gain our pupils' respect and this is not confined only to science and technology subjects but everything in the curricular including art. We need to be able to incorporate different teaching and learning methods to continuously capture the attention and interest of our students. 
Are we technology savvy enough to be functioning as educators of the 21st century? 
We live in the time where learning and learners are no longer the same as yesteryears. We've evolved so much that even projects and presentations are no longer made on art blocks, manila cardboards or PowerPoint but made as video presentations and podcasts.
We need to watch what we say when we teach - say something ridiculous and parents who are no longer …