May 28, 2009

* Allowing a change

I just got back from watching 'Night at the Museum 2' with my kids and we enjoyed it very much. Funny and ridiculous but overall it was just a real good time at the movies! I got this line from Teddy Roosevelt (acted by Robin Williams) saying, "When you allow change to take place in your life, you allow yourself to experience something new."
I was really impressed by that line (yeah you would say "whats so great about it.. like I didn't already know!")
It made me look at my life in the aspect of my career.
I have often told myself I would never quit my job because I really loved what I did, and I was very adamant about it honestly. Even after having Isabelle I would always tell my husband that, my career is not something I would give up just because I'm a mother now, but my husband never said anything back to me.
After Christan was born 2 years ago, I started to look at things very differently.
Going to work and dropping off my 2 kids at a babysitter, wasn't fun at all, and all this feelings came in when I was actually doing really well at work and even the likelihood of a really good promotion, but it suddenly didn't mean anything to me when I had to leave my kids with someone else to take care and be all absorbed with work when I could do so much with them.
I then decided to quit my job and yes my husband was the happiest man on earth to hear it!
I got selected for best employee and I submitted my resignation. Believe me, working for the government with seniority bullshit, and being an Indian, that award wasn't something that came on a silver plate to me.
So I did.. I resigned and right now believe it or not, I have so much more going on for me than I would ever be able to have if I had been working.
I see the change I made benefiting my children, family and most of all myself.
This change I made has allowed so much more to come into my life, and I truly thank God for it.
I guess when you think too much about changing, you tend to be blinded by only what you may loose but never would you be encourage to think that better stuff awaits you. I didn't think of it this way when I resigned. I only thought of it for what it was at that point, and now I see the newness its brought me. Change really can bring you the opportunity for new things!
You should give it a try! (nope I didn't mean you should quit your job)

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