May 27, 2009

* Different Phases, Different People, Different YOU?

I have journeyed a total of 6 phases so far..

Being a daughter, a sister, a student, an employee, a wife and now a mother and that too currently a stay home mum to my 2 brats I call angels, Isabelle Maria and Christan James.

Along this phases I have come across a wide range of characters. Some warm and lovely the sort you would love to keep close to you, who gave you a sense of understanding and a sense of meaning or purpose. Some were strange, so strange you just don't want to have anything to do with such people.

How do all these people play a role in your life?

Right now at this point of my life.. I have discovered that no matter who you meet and how you feel about them, you too stand at the same point of being judged by someone else who meets you in their phase of life.

Strange or warm you cannot have a balance without both, but it is still your choice to decide who you care to have around you.
As you move from one phase to another, you will experience growth in your emotions, your feelings; your maturity and wisdom all takes a new level of approach towards your surroundings.

Therefore, no matter who you meet in all this different phases, they all play a significant role towards the betterment of yourself. I believe both the good and the bad gives a balance to your growth, your perspective to the world around you.

You exist only because you have allowed yourself to experience both sides of the coin and you are the side that you choose to be!

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