May 30, 2009

* I allow my kids to have fun, may be you should try it some day.

We were at the park yesterday just as we do most evenings, but yesterday I met someone I had seen around the condo but never actually spoken to. She was down with her niece, a very talkative, active and yes a very cute 4 year old named Christin.

I decided to open a conversation with her aunt and we talked for a bit. She was the sort of aunt, most aunts would be. Strict and sadly the kind that would never allow a kid to be a kid. She didn't quite allow her niece to do anything the girl wished to do, like to swing on the monkey bar, jump onto the slide, or even to balance stand on the seesaw bar, and guess what else, she even kept telling the girl to stop talking too much. All the things I allow my kids to do. Ah, actually I even allowed my nephew and nieces to do so while at a park.

My children are really used to this park, and they have a certain style of swinging on the bar before taking a ride on the slide. I totally allow them to do so only because they have a daily experience of it, but it wasn't the case for Christin. Her aunt would sound her every time she tried to do it, and she would stop immediately at the sounding (very good girl I would say), but there came a point that this woman started to restrict my kids from doing what I have always allowed them to do at the park.

I knew she had no idea of my agreement with my children and I decided to stay silent over her sudden shocks looking at how Belle and CJ played in the play house (which honestly is the way most kids would play), but my silence broke when she decided to run after my son, who was doing the monkey swing before slide act and she shouted at him for it! She even told out so loudly to me, "This boy is very stubborn!"

Knowing me? I just sat on the park bench and told her off calmly but sarcastically, "I allow my kids to have fun in the park and they are very used to what they are doing. Do you mind watching what you say?" and she went all shocked and silent!

Yes she tried to defend her act by telling me its very dangerous, and so on but I only told her that, my kids come down here everyday and they know what they can and cannot do.

I truly appreciate her act of concern but I didn't appreciate her comments!

I am the mother of the kid she called stubborn, and I don't think anyone has the right to say that about someone else's kid to their parent's face especially when your child has not invaded that person's space.

Its really amazing when you do sit and watch the different types of parents, grandparents or aunts and uncles that bring their kids to the park. If you are the sort of parent that has a broad concept to fun unlike all the restrictions most parent put on their kids, you would certainly find it a fun time watching the many acts at a play ground.

Yesterday was just one of those days for me.

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