May 27, 2009

* Lets do some EGO Talking!

Are you an Egoistic person? Really??
Are you sure about that??

Well many would never admit the fact that they are, but I do!
I even have a measurement for it!

Its bigger than my butt!

Now that's really a big EGO!

As much as I wish it wasn't, I certainly must say that my ego is something that sprouts out when I am made to feel little and insignificant or stupid and foolish by someone I have a major disregard for!

Yes there are many people I have completely no regards for, but still have acquaintances with. I admit I am the sort that sticks on for old time sake, and would live by the saying "let bygones be bygones" but when these very same people acts holier than thou with me, I will just burst back with sarcasm and yes my ego!

Now I know its mean but its the truth, and to those who have experienced it from me, deal with it, OK!

To those I truly love.. my EGO won't come in the way to hurt you! and you certainly know who you are in my life!!

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