May 27, 2009

* Too quick to judge??

I must admit I am a sinner on this.. I judge everyone and anyone often too quickly but the reason I don't stop is because I have come to known that 3/4 of the time I am right, so much so that the wrong quarter doesn't matter anymore!

Why do I do it? Well I guess I have been the sort that wants to put everyone I meet into categories that I have preset in my life so that I would know how to or not to deal with them.
I will only know if my judgement of someone is right be it good or bad, if I make myself acquainted with the person, and so I do. I don't find it difficult to start a conversation with anyone but the ones I strike as bad often end up being the ones I find easier to talk to.
I guess that's my difference, I don't just judge, I allow some time of knowing to conclude my judgement even if its completely brief.

Am I a hypocrite? I mean if I have judged badly of them and they turned out being otherwise after knowing them, I simply knock myself in the head and say, "Hey Jen what the hell were you thinking woman!" and pay it off by being really good to that person. I am not a hypocrite! Well everyone one of us are allowed to judge others, and personally I think its important to do so, if not why on earth would such a saying "first impressions matter!" exist?

How would you know if your judging someone correctly? What if the person you are judging is in an unforeseen situation? Excuse me! There are no such thing as wrong impressions with unexpected situations. How a person behaves be it in any situation, calls for the right approach which will be interpreted or judged rightfully.

I have been told by others, how I have been judged wrongly by them. I hardly ever came across as a friendly, down to earth being unless and until one really gets to know me. So I suppose I am the sort that would fall into the my own wrong quarter of judgement. So how would I judge someone like me? Hilarious isn't it?

Just like me there are so many out there and I will always remember that as much as I judge others, others are bound to judge me too and I know they do! So watch your first impressions especially if its with someone you hope would judge you correctly! Remember also, don't fake your impressions on others. There really is no good reason to do so!

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