May 28, 2009

* Venting Therapy

Do you vent? Do you feel the need to vent out your heart when something or someone bothers you?? I truly admire those who don't, but sadly I do! I vent, and I can vent a lot!

Why I do it, I wish I could stop but so many things around me can easily piss me off. Character, behavior, attitude, responses, actions, you just name it. To me a certain behavior is expected in a certain situation and not to say I have made too narrow a grid, I do allow room for mistakes and foolishness but when its repeated almost too often, it pisses me off and I vent.

I vent because I need to release that irritation out of my system. I have various people I vent to about various other issues. What I vent to A isn't what I vent to B or C, and I try to always accept the advice one gives. Which often is, "Just ignore it Jen!" Its the easiest answer. I give that out to others who vent to me too when I have no idea what else to say. Ignorance is bliss, but not everything around you and everyone around you can be put on an ignore mode.

It has become a therapy for me to relax.
I vent so that I can calm down, and when you're all calmed down you will think clearer in your head.
These days when I call someone to vent to, I actually address it to them that I'm venting, or "Hey I need to vent.. are you free??" but yes its only to buddies who allow me to be their venting booth too.

Here's an advice to you if you are not a 'vent er', please don't judge those who do, we 'vent ers' really do love and care for the ones around us but we vent out in order to treat our self for peace and calmness in the mental and emotional department, and yes most 'vent ers' will vent about you to someone else, but will still display their love, care and affection to you because they believe by telling you directly what their pissed about you, would do only harm to the relationship, and who actually needs all that trouble, right?

Lastly please do not get it all mistaken for back biting and gossiping or even grumbling. Venting is nothing of that sort. A vent is much connected to emotions and care for someone that when that someone pisses you off you just need to express your pain else where so as to calm down.. It really is a Therapy!!

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