May 27, 2009

* Were you the same person??

Have you ever experience a time when you are out with your girl friends and a good looking guy passes by your table and all of a sudden a certain someone in your circle of girls suddenly behaves differently??

A sudden adjustment of posture, adjustment of facial expressions, a sudden prim and proper table manners, and sometimes a sudden increase in the volume of her voice? or even a sudden drift of eye contact where they don't look at you when they talk but look behind you???

I am sure you have! Doesn't that piss you off??

It pisses me off really badly and I mean really badly!!

What the heck was that transformation for?? To attract the bloody bloke that passed by or probably is sitting by the next table??
Why do you think that by your sudden change of skin you would probably win a date or is it just some cheap thrill you enjoy and it makes your day??

Have these people ever once considered how others would think about their sudden metamorphosis and find them to be so uncomfortable to be with?? less to finish that dinner or date actually planned for just you and the girls??

I think most girls are aware of who's looking at them and who's not!

Yes, everyone has eyes to look but when you do make yourself to be so obviously bothered about wanting to have others look more at you may be you should always practise being prim and proper and everything that you are not, so that it won't be obvious anymore and your friends won't have to deal with your sickening change!

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