Jun 1, 2009

* What goes around, comes around

Yes, this is indeed a very famous saying. Karma as most of us call it is indeed unfortunate if it's a bad one.
There were many incidences whereby I was treated so badly by the ones around me, mostly emotional havoc, and yes people tell you forgive the ones who've hurt you and forget it and move on but its easier said than done. Deny all you want, but personally I don't believe even you can!
Often times what you do to others will come to hit you back in the face, and I truly believe this especially when you intentionally hurt another person.
Your bad intentions will come back to haunt you and you will never be able to handle the guilt of it all when similar crap befalls you. What do you do then? Kill yourself with the guilt? Call the person you have hurt and mend the situation? That's truly very hard to do, and it takes a whole load of courage and sometimes a whole yard of thick skin.
Can what you do to others be directed intentionally by that other person back to you? Can forces of nature give the hurt ones the benefit of turning your hurt back to you through someone else? What if you have been hurt by a certain someone and later find out how that person has been hurt by someone else, do you feel sorry for the one who's hurt you or do you silently say to yourself "he deserves it!"?
I am the later. I'm honestly saying that I am. People who can't be bothered about caring for another ( and this doesn't mean giving your life for someone else OK, it just mean giving respect to other people!) seriously isn't worth bothering about, but when I do hear of what ill events have come along their life, I find it really hard to feel totally sympathetic without a part of me saying.. "yeah well that's what you get for deliberately hurting someone else!"

I am sure it is wrong to be thinking the way I do, but the bottom line here is, you have forgiven and as much as you have to forget, you don't control that part of your brain, and as sinful as it is, I believe you just have got to live with the fact that yes what goes around comes around and if you think you can get away by being terribly painful to others, understand that in this very lifetime of yours you will be blessed with similar if not more pain in return.

So watch how you behave towards others, and watch what you say to others. No matter how much damage control you do after breaking the glass into pieces, remember the glass is already broken! You either deal or be blessed without the glass owner who's able mock you or laugh at you when pain strikes you in the future.

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