May 27, 2009

* Would I dress n doll up in my 40s??

Dressing up is really my thing!

I love to look good and seriously I go all out to doing so when Im excited of the place and people Im going to meet. Athough I must say when I do go back home.. (my in laws or my brother's place) I don't really care to dress up because its HOME!!

Just the other day I asked my sister if I would still dress up as I do now when I turn 40 which is in another 8 years time!! And her answer was "WHY NOT?"

Why not I dress the same way? Or even better?? Should my aging be a reason to dress down?? Should I not dress and doll up just because I'm 40.

Most Indian mothers, who have grown daughters often think like that.

My mum, on the contrary, she was gorgeous and she dressed up really well but she had certain rules such as not to wear Punjabi Suites because her daughters wore those suits too. So she didn't want to be dressing in the same styles as us, and I guess thats fair!

So when Im 40.. obviously I won't be interested in wearing several stuff I do now.. but I certainly won't clash my style with that of my daughter's, but I will and most definately DOLL UP no matter how OLD I get.. because I love it!

Every woman young or old, has the right to look good!!!
Its our birth given rights so use it to its fullest!!!

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