Jun 29, 2009

* A 'Shopaholic' in us all???

I must say reading a book and watching its movie is completely a different experience altogether. Some movies make no justice what so ever to the book, but watching Confessions of a Shopaholic last night made me open that book I got by Sophie Kinsella, 8 years ago just to see what I lost in my read.

The movie was overall funny in a very "sick in the stomach sorta way". Watching her compulsive shopping habits and especially seeing the credit bills gave me a twist in my stomach. I didn't get that from reading the book though. Rebecca Bloomwood acted by Isla Fisher carried her role well, and truly managed to send out the message to us all, well at least to me.

If you look deep inside you, there is a little bit of a shopaholic in each one of us. Yes maybe we don't go on buying almost everything we see when we pass a window but, how often have we asked ourselves "do we really need this?" or scream a little scream in your head/heart/stomach when you see the credit card statement at the end of the month? Well honestly I have (not out of control though), especially when it's around special occasions and festivals. There always seems to be a reason for a purchase.

Our parents on the other hand were exactly the sort Rebecca had. They shoped at every cheap sale possible and only got the stuff they really needed and if it came as a in house brand all the more they would take that instead of imported stuff. Look at how they've done it? Most kids would think their parents were so "not cool" at all, and compare themselves to their friends who had everything branded and imported, and wonder why they were born in the home they did.

Yeah, I had my moments of wondering too, rarely but I did have them, but seriously, money management is important.

Not everyone is as lucky as Rebecca Bloomwood to get all her debts settled by selling off her branded items, not everyone lives in this fictitious world of the movies but this scenario is not fictional in the real world either.

So ask yourself what defines you, and you will know what your priorities are. Your wardrobe? Your car? Your house/condo? Your bank balance? or as Graham Bloomwood (John Goodman) the father of the shopaholic said, its his wife and daughter that defines who he is! I'll like to stand by that too!!

Catch the movie if you haven't already.

My DVD is going to sit right next to my book on my shelf!!

Jun 28, 2009

* Respectfully we honour??

Ever wondered how you can one day be hailed and another day be condemned then hailed again? Well you can if you are Michael Jackson.

Today I went to pierce my little girls ears, and for her strength I decided to reward her with some really good DVDs and as I entered the Music store, I was really impressed at how fast the music industry could come up with new compilation albums of Michael Jackson's Best Hits, Michael's Chart Toppers, seriously, the various names of Mike's music all complied for sales, all in store on racks with gorgeous covers sealed up for you to pick it up and enjoy!

Yes, I want to believe this is in honour of his music for us all, but where was all this when he was dumped with law suites and allegations for child molestations? When he went into silence, where his voice in our MP3s, where was his music on the radio waves? Where was his name besides the new one hailed upon him, Jacko? With all his albums probably sitting behind every other new ones in the music store (well yes music is like that.. out with the old and in with the new!). You never heard anything good of him when he had issues with himself, his love life and the kids around him. No one talked anything else but trash of this man in every possible media form, and now we honour him or is it honour of a bloody business opportunity??

Use his fans to make a buck or hundreds of it? Use his death and his fans to boost the economy? Smart idea!

Hey I personally enjoyed his music. I was not a die hard fan of his, nor am I for any one actually, but he did impress me with his talent. Only his talent!

He was at the end of the day, just another man, a celebrity the media had a good time talking about, his music was fantastic, his art of performing and entertaining was spiritual to many of his fans, and yes many people around us like Mike, were not bad people but just had bad luck!

Where am I going with all this? Is that I feel utterly disgusted with how the world can be a bloody hypocrite to us all. How there's always hidden agendas to everything that goes on around us with the people around us. How people take advantage to make profit for themselves. Tell me that's how the world is, and I'd agree. I do.. the world dwells with blood suckers living in complete disguise. Not every action must be presumed sincere and not every honourable tribute be reputed as respectful.

Jun 26, 2009

* The King of Pop is in a better Kingdom now

I woke up this morning to an sms my sister sent me. What was it? The King of Pop died after a cardiac arrest. The media calls it a shock wave in the entertainment industry, fans all around the world are in a state of shock with the death of the world's greatest artist ever.

What do I call it?? Another man, who made the best music ever, died a death that befalls anyone around us. Bottom line, he's just human! Want to know what I responded to my sister's sms? Well good for him, god bless his soul.. he's indeed in a better place! After all the records he has made.. and all the hevoc he had undergone with the media, and dying off after a long silence in the industry, I believe he's made his moments on earth and its time for him to get on with something out of this world. God has better plans for him, and another way you can look at this is.. hey he's the most flexible skinniest artist yet he died of a cardiac arrest? How ironic is that?

So much for conclusions of who should be at risk of the worst possible death!
So Mickey died the same week my mum did 7 years ago with a cardiac arrest too..

We will always have his music in our hearts and his name in music will go down generations even though we have all lost this Pop King..

So Michael Jackson, whichever way you get burried, may THE ALMIGHTY God bless your soul, and may you rest in peace.. Amen!

Jun 25, 2009

* Thank you for the wishes..

It's always a great feeling to be remembered by your close ones on a special day in your life such as your birthday or special anniversaries. It's even better to receive gift, yes it is although you wouldn't want anyone to trouble themselves for you. Why is it so? Is it because you think by being remembered you are valued by others? What happens when you aren't remembered? Is that a sign you aren't valued? Who determines the value of your life? Those around you or yourself?
To me, I determine my value, but those around me help validate that for me. Is that the way it is for you? If you are important to someone else, they will place importance to remembering you, and showing it to you, in the grandest way or the simplest it really doesn't matter, even if it's on that very same day or belated, the thought is what matters.
I remember what, when and how others show me they appreciate me, but there are always times where I have either failed to show it back in return or simply choose not to show any back in return because bottom line is its just not that one special day that matters but every single day of knowing each other. The special day is simply the best opportunity to herald it out.
Therefore appreciate the ones around you always not just on those special days, and show in every simple way you care for those around you too.

Jun 15, 2009

* Ignorance Denial and Choices

I guess I choose ignoring a person as the option out when it comes to having to deal with a difficult character, and most often this option is resorted after trying many times to correct and care for that individual.
Sadly it is the easier way out, but never would I jump to it without giving it my all to helping that certain someone first.
Lately I have been asked to help someone deal with issues I clearly feel one can live without, and my final conclusion to it after much thinking is that if that person chooses to be that way and is able to sleep peacefully after being so wretchedly hurtful to others then who am I to be bothered to comprehend it anymore. Ignorance is bliss and it most of the time helps lighten the burden of being sad for someone who's doing wrong.
I believe people who deliberately hurt others on the claims that they've been hurt by the one hurting them can never find peace in their hearts and if they think it isn't wrong to be hurt the ones who've hurt you, then you are living in a world of denial. No peace can come about living a life so self centered. Its that choice you make to live selflessly that draws peace into your life, and eventually the choices you make in life tells others what sort of person you are.
Live right for the right purpose.
Live with respect for yourself and others because your credibility depends on it.
Help those around you bounce back to the right path and make sure they aren't just pretending to change in front of you and to be the exact same rotten plant they were from the start.
If you've given your best and your best isn't good enough then ignorance comes in.

Jun 1, 2009

* What goes around, comes around

Yes, this is indeed a very famous saying. Karma as most of us call it is indeed unfortunate if it's a bad one.
There were many incidences whereby I was treated so badly by the ones around me, mostly emotional havoc, and yes people tell you forgive the ones who've hurt you and forget it and move on but its easier said than done. Deny all you want, but personally I don't believe even you can!
Often times what you do to others will come to hit you back in the face, and I truly believe this especially when you intentionally hurt another person.
Your bad intentions will come back to haunt you and you will never be able to handle the guilt of it all when similar crap befalls you. What do you do then? Kill yourself with the guilt? Call the person you have hurt and mend the situation? That's truly very hard to do, and it takes a whole load of courage and sometimes a whole yard of thick skin.
Can what you do to others be directed intentionally by that other person back to you? Can forces of nature give the hurt ones the benefit of turning your hurt back to you through someone else? What if you have been hurt by a certain someone and later find out how that person has been hurt by someone else, do you feel sorry for the one who's hurt you or do you silently say to yourself "he deserves it!"?
I am the later. I'm honestly saying that I am. People who can't be bothered about caring for another ( and this doesn't mean giving your life for someone else OK, it just mean giving respect to other people!) seriously isn't worth bothering about, but when I do hear of what ill events have come along their life, I find it really hard to feel totally sympathetic without a part of me saying.. "yeah well that's what you get for deliberately hurting someone else!"

I am sure it is wrong to be thinking the way I do, but the bottom line here is, you have forgiven and as much as you have to forget, you don't control that part of your brain, and as sinful as it is, I believe you just have got to live with the fact that yes what goes around comes around and if you think you can get away by being terribly painful to others, understand that in this very lifetime of yours you will be blessed with similar if not more pain in return.

So watch how you behave towards others, and watch what you say to others. No matter how much damage control you do after breaking the glass into pieces, remember the glass is already broken! You either deal or be blessed without the glass owner who's able mock you or laugh at you when pain strikes you in the future.

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