Jun 15, 2009

* Ignorance Denial and Choices

I guess I choose ignoring a person as the option out when it comes to having to deal with a difficult character, and most often this option is resorted after trying many times to correct and care for that individual.
Sadly it is the easier way out, but never would I jump to it without giving it my all to helping that certain someone first.
Lately I have been asked to help someone deal with issues I clearly feel one can live without, and my final conclusion to it after much thinking is that if that person chooses to be that way and is able to sleep peacefully after being so wretchedly hurtful to others then who am I to be bothered to comprehend it anymore. Ignorance is bliss and it most of the time helps lighten the burden of being sad for someone who's doing wrong.
I believe people who deliberately hurt others on the claims that they've been hurt by the one hurting them can never find peace in their hearts and if they think it isn't wrong to be hurt the ones who've hurt you, then you are living in a world of denial. No peace can come about living a life so self centered. Its that choice you make to live selflessly that draws peace into your life, and eventually the choices you make in life tells others what sort of person you are.
Live right for the right purpose.
Live with respect for yourself and others because your credibility depends on it.
Help those around you bounce back to the right path and make sure they aren't just pretending to change in front of you and to be the exact same rotten plant they were from the start.
If you've given your best and your best isn't good enough then ignorance comes in.

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