Jun 28, 2009

* Respectfully we honour??

Ever wondered how you can one day be hailed and another day be condemned then hailed again? Well you can if you are Michael Jackson.

Today I went to pierce my little girls ears, and for her strength I decided to reward her with some really good DVDs and as I entered the Music store, I was really impressed at how fast the music industry could come up with new compilation albums of Michael Jackson's Best Hits, Michael's Chart Toppers, seriously, the various names of Mike's music all complied for sales, all in store on racks with gorgeous covers sealed up for you to pick it up and enjoy!

Yes, I want to believe this is in honour of his music for us all, but where was all this when he was dumped with law suites and allegations for child molestations? When he went into silence, where his voice in our MP3s, where was his music on the radio waves? Where was his name besides the new one hailed upon him, Jacko? With all his albums probably sitting behind every other new ones in the music store (well yes music is like that.. out with the old and in with the new!). You never heard anything good of him when he had issues with himself, his love life and the kids around him. No one talked anything else but trash of this man in every possible media form, and now we honour him or is it honour of a bloody business opportunity??

Use his fans to make a buck or hundreds of it? Use his death and his fans to boost the economy? Smart idea!

Hey I personally enjoyed his music. I was not a die hard fan of his, nor am I for any one actually, but he did impress me with his talent. Only his talent!

He was at the end of the day, just another man, a celebrity the media had a good time talking about, his music was fantastic, his art of performing and entertaining was spiritual to many of his fans, and yes many people around us like Mike, were not bad people but just had bad luck!

Where am I going with all this? Is that I feel utterly disgusted with how the world can be a bloody hypocrite to us all. How there's always hidden agendas to everything that goes on around us with the people around us. How people take advantage to make profit for themselves. Tell me that's how the world is, and I'd agree. I do.. the world dwells with blood suckers living in complete disguise. Not every action must be presumed sincere and not every honourable tribute be reputed as respectful.

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