Jun 29, 2009

* A 'Shopaholic' in us all???

I must say reading a book and watching its movie is completely a different experience altogether. Some movies make no justice what so ever to the book, but watching Confessions of a Shopaholic last night made me open that book I got by Sophie Kinsella, 8 years ago just to see what I lost in my read.

The movie was overall funny in a very "sick in the stomach sorta way". Watching her compulsive shopping habits and especially seeing the credit bills gave me a twist in my stomach. I didn't get that from reading the book though. Rebecca Bloomwood acted by Isla Fisher carried her role well, and truly managed to send out the message to us all, well at least to me.

If you look deep inside you, there is a little bit of a shopaholic in each one of us. Yes maybe we don't go on buying almost everything we see when we pass a window but, how often have we asked ourselves "do we really need this?" or scream a little scream in your head/heart/stomach when you see the credit card statement at the end of the month? Well honestly I have (not out of control though), especially when it's around special occasions and festivals. There always seems to be a reason for a purchase.

Our parents on the other hand were exactly the sort Rebecca had. They shoped at every cheap sale possible and only got the stuff they really needed and if it came as a in house brand all the more they would take that instead of imported stuff. Look at how they've done it? Most kids would think their parents were so "not cool" at all, and compare themselves to their friends who had everything branded and imported, and wonder why they were born in the home they did.

Yeah, I had my moments of wondering too, rarely but I did have them, but seriously, money management is important.

Not everyone is as lucky as Rebecca Bloomwood to get all her debts settled by selling off her branded items, not everyone lives in this fictitious world of the movies but this scenario is not fictional in the real world either.

So ask yourself what defines you, and you will know what your priorities are. Your wardrobe? Your car? Your house/condo? Your bank balance? or as Graham Bloomwood (John Goodman) the father of the shopaholic said, its his wife and daughter that defines who he is! I'll like to stand by that too!!

Catch the movie if you haven't already.

My DVD is going to sit right next to my book on my shelf!!

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