Jun 25, 2009

* Thank you for the wishes..

It's always a great feeling to be remembered by your close ones on a special day in your life such as your birthday or special anniversaries. It's even better to receive gift, yes it is although you wouldn't want anyone to trouble themselves for you. Why is it so? Is it because you think by being remembered you are valued by others? What happens when you aren't remembered? Is that a sign you aren't valued? Who determines the value of your life? Those around you or yourself?
To me, I determine my value, but those around me help validate that for me. Is that the way it is for you? If you are important to someone else, they will place importance to remembering you, and showing it to you, in the grandest way or the simplest it really doesn't matter, even if it's on that very same day or belated, the thought is what matters.
I remember what, when and how others show me they appreciate me, but there are always times where I have either failed to show it back in return or simply choose not to show any back in return because bottom line is its just not that one special day that matters but every single day of knowing each other. The special day is simply the best opportunity to herald it out.
Therefore appreciate the ones around you always not just on those special days, and show in every simple way you care for those around you too.

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