Jul 23, 2009

* An Akward Hello

I recently had a chance to spend some time with my nephew who's down from US for his summer break, and spending time with him has always been great in a very hilarious way. We both somehow connect on common grounds.

Our most recent ground, was akward hellos. How the people we meet, start a conversation with you when they bump into you in public.

We were thought of the very standard style which was firstly wishing, "Hello" or "Hi" or even "Good day.." followed by "how are you" or "where to, long time no see" (in our Manglish terms) etc.

Have you had someone come up to you and start a conversation by saying,
"Hei (with a head nod), dark already ha (pointing their finger at you as if he needed to be more specific)?" or
"Wah, you're back, so how are the girls back in US? (yah right now I see why you go abroad!)" or
"Wei, wah fat already ha you? (thats doesn't make you any better looking than me!)"
and these are from people you are meeting after months, and the respond we sarcastically give sometimes is "Hi..(returns a head nod), nice to meet you too!" but I'm very certain that sarcastic hint just gets lost in the emptiness of their head did I say head? I meant emptiness of their conversation.
I just must add this one thing, a conversation I heard between two girls who were meeting after several years at a wedding, and the older one said to the other, "Hello.. wah your butt is getting bigger and bigger than your head woman!" This was an absolute shocker. Coming from a woman who supposedly was considered very educated, and nope the younger lady wasn't me.
We laughed a lot as we shared our experiences of such ridiculous and akward first lines, but his was more recent so the intensity of it was greater.

The way people these days relate to others, and their mannerisms in conversations.

Is there an answer to why this is the way it is?

The only 2 things I can think about is the shallowness and insensitivity of that person.

What and how you speak, tells others what you are, and it's sad when you get classified as a shallow or insensitive individual.

Whatever the case, I think its about time people used their brains in constructing a conversation and not sit on them and from now on those who can start a conversation right, should try and enlighten those who don't, unless you are afraid of loosing a friend, humm.

Observe from now on how people talk to you when they meet you after a long time and enjoy the laugh, but do yourself a favor and never join them just because you think you can't beat them.


Sherril Louisa said...

Loved this post, Lady caramel ! uuhh... i've gotten the "dark already thing" and the "fat already ha" thing too ! but the butt bigger than head thing really takes the cake ! Honestly ! what was that person thinking ?
probably..nothing ! :-)

keep the post coming dear Lady !

JfNetto said...

I can't say what the person was thinking.. I seriously don't know why anyone would even want to talk like that.
Somehow its the appearance people wanna acknowledge first and its usually never about you looking good, and thats because they have issues being nice I suppose.
If you have nothing nice to say then pls don't say anything at all la kan?

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