Jul 21, 2009

* All in a day's work

Guess this woman never heard of the term Multitasking.
Clean house
Clean kids
Food on the table
Time for books and study with the kids
TV time
Play time
Prayer time
Screaming and laughing time
Nap time
Friends and family time
All this with lots of love to have everything going on smoothly at home.. and all that with a PC that's not broken, on a secured board band thanks to Maxis for lots of socializing, writing and learning taking place..
Yes Multitasking is a highly skilled ability.
Not many can do it, but it's not difficult to exercise it either.
Like I tell many, it's all in your head actually!
With time management, and the gift of multitasking.. a lot can be achieved.
I am a stay home mum, and I am not bored because I keep myself occupied in many ways possible. To all those close to me who have decided to be stay home mums too, you always ask me how I do it because you seem to be suffocated with boredom, well this is how.
I grab what the world has to offer in its most simplest form and I make the best out of it for myself and my family!
Life is an endless learning experience.
'Today is the continuation of more for tomorrow since yesterday.'

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