Jul 2, 2009

* Bad childhood ~ Rotten adulthood?

Watching too much Crime and Investigation Channel made me come up with this post. Is a person's bad childhood an excuse or a reason for anyone to behave badly when they're all grown up?
In almost every documentary, you will find one point in the narration saying, the criminal had a bad childhood. I'm sure this is certainly made after an evaluation of the case by very professional psychologist, and I believe this isn't something that the law accepts to do away with one's punishment.
It is really sad to know a person has been through a bad childhood.
What is the definition of a bad childhood by the way, and by whom?
Abuse in all forms?
Deprived of happiness?
Deprived of freedom to be a child?
Deprived of comfort?
By your parents? Your siblings? Your community? Your friends? Your relatives?
Well the list can certainly be endless depending on the adaptability of a kid to his or her situation with their childhood. There are many ways a person may have had a bad childhood. There are many different levels to it also, and one person's bad past may not seem bitter at all to another who may have had it worst for them.
Sad to say, there are also adults who actually had life pretty easy yet at the point of being an adult they conclude they had a bad childhood only because they were not given what they supposedly think they should have had as a kid. Yes I know many cases like this personally and not over crime and investigation channel.
It goes back to how parents of the older generation were. How their parenting skills were of their parents'. Nevertheless there were also parents of the older generation who did a marvelous job with their kids only to end up having those children grow up as rotten parents to their own.
Who's to be blamed for this?
Who holds the power to being a good individual, a good citizen, a good adult, a good family member, a good friend or a good neighbour?
Yes long term abuse by caretakers can cause a lot of damage to a child, but what can we say about those who grew up with the best childhood yet end up rotten as adults? Is this the cause of peer pressure? Is this a case of low serotonin levels? Poor attitude management or simply a case of lousy choices?
Bottom line is what you chose to be is what you will be!
Unless you have a serious case of mental disorder that requires medication and serious care in a mental asylum, you have every reason to be a better person not for anyone else but for yourself!! The choice is yours, if you had a bad childhood, use that as a reason to live a better adult life because now the power is in your hands and not those who brought you up, and treat others the way you want to be treated. If abuse and deprivation was your past, and you hated it, don't do that to those around you. If you think you deserve better, then the ones you love deserve the best from you too.
Don't make your past as an excuse for you to be rotten in your own power of existence.
Many out there have endeavoured hardships and have chosen whats best for themselves and the ones they love.
Lastly, parents, don't forget to remind your child how much you love them and how much they mean to you even if you had to be strict with them for their own good. You only do whats best for them and you must make sure you are not misunderstood for abuse, for that can be really unfortunate to a really loving parent who's kid is life to them!!!
(A Thankful note - I AM MY MOTHER!!! I loved her very much and I am in many ways like her!! My parents, my family and my friends have thought me the best things to treasure for life!! through my toughest and joyous moments. I am truly very blessed for them all.)


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