Jul 21, 2009

* Conveniently Rude

How often have you encountered people who are conveniently rude around you?
I met one yesterday and seriously I didn't spare a moment to enlighten her of her rudeness.

So here's how it went, we did some grocery shopping yesterday and at the end we had to go settle the parking ticket before heading home. Out of 4 counters only 2 were open and out of the 2, the one on the right side had a larger space for people to park their carts and settle the payments. I obviously went to that lane as I had my kids and a cart full of things with me and in front of us, was a man who was paying his ticket and behind him another lady in the same scenario as I was, kids and a full cart.

I stood very patiently for her to take her cash out of her purse, while the man in front of her had already left the counter, and in the midst of the waiting, a very interesting specimen of a woman pushed herself through me and the lady in front of me to get to the counter we were queued at.

It really got on my nerves, and the lady in front of me looked at me in disbelieve. I, as being my usual self decided to comment, "she's so bloody rude isn't she?" and the woman who cut us to the counter could defend herself by saying, "Oh I didn't know you all were waiting in line to pay lo!"

I couldn't help myself but ask her "Why did you think we were standing here to look at the bloody ceiling?" she still carried on saying, we stood not in queue and she had no idea, but she never apologised nor did she ask us if it was OK to go ahead of us, and there we were, 2 mothers with kids and a cart and juggling all this by ourselves while decently waiting in queue and another WOMAN can completely be so inconsiderate towards this situation. A situation another woman should by right understand.

To me it isn't about her going ahead of us. If she had asked instead of pushing her butt through the line, I wouldn't have minded it at all, but the very fact she could make her action seem correct and completely disregard us for the fact we were in queue was what got on my nerves.

A lot of women out there do not give any care for other ladies who juggle so much by themselves. Be it in shopping centers, hospitals, or even while boarding a public transport or an escalator for that matter, everyone wants to push their way through. When a woman walks with a kid on both sides of her body.. you respect that and give way! You aren't very far away from being in that same shoe if you only think ahead!

I had my 'go' last night! Honestly I felt so good telling that lady off, and I have not written every bit of that conversation here but the best part of all was to have the other juggling mummy join me in 'taruh-ing' this woman, just made my day!

Here's a good picture of how even a deer knows the sense of queueing up!

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