Jul 16, 2009

* Lost & Found Friendships

The past week I have been meeting up with friends and acquaintances that I have some how lost contact with for quite some time. A very wise woman once told me, no matter how long you've been apart, true friends can meet again and talk like they weren't apart at all. This is somehow so true in reality.
Is it because you have made a good impression on that friendship that no matter how long you have not seen each other or been in contact and bare in mind these days you can still keep contact without seeing each other at all thanks to the Internet, you can still bind? Is it because of 'old times sake' that you find it easy to just start back where you last ended?
What happens if you have lost touch in a friendship in a bitter way?
Then can this theory be true?
I guess it can. If you have been through enough time to heal, enough time to be calm over the bitterness, enough solitary moments to think, then you may find it easy to let bygones be bygones.
I lost one good friend and have regained her friendship only because I believe I have stepped forward to mending things that were badly misunderstood between us, and all I did was to say 'HI' in the loudest tone possible, with a huge smile and a strong hug when I bumped into her in the mall 5 years later! I didn't do that with any thinking, it just happened.
Nature has its way to making things better for you, and most of the time its when you don't think too much that you see it happen.
I'm glad that happened. I'm glad it happened without any thought.
To all those I met this week, I'm glad we got a chance to meet up again!!
There was another lovely lady who also told me, it's best to just be close but not too close, to avoid being taken for granted. I agree with this too, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I guess the distance I had with these friends allowed me to safe the friendship without anything being taken for granted.
Whatever said, I'm truly blessed for the friends I have in my life right now, for those who were there, and for the ones to come.

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