Jul 19, 2009

* My 1st Paul Smith Bag

A sudden obsession I have just acquired and over what? Paul Smith bags..

I got my first yesterday and I'm truly impressed with his bizarre crazy sense of colours and designs.

As always, I had a reason to look for a bag (although a woman never needs a reason for a new bag, as there isn't such a thing as too many bags in a lady's vocabulary). I needed one that will hold all my piano books, because my initial ever faithful bag, gave way. The increase of books got to heavy for that poor faithful friend of mine, so we went on a bag hunt and when I saw this collection of bags, I found myself instantly attracted to the fabulously humored look of Paul Smith's collection. I seriously believe that the men's collection stands out better than the ladies though!

So I got myself one.. Something that was big enough for the horizontally lengthy books I have and one that I believe is strong to last with style, and most of all FUN! It's Paul Smith's Mini Cooper collection.

Simply love it!

As crazy as some may feel in carrying a bag that looks like this, the fact is if you know me well enough you will know that crazy is part me. Remember I hate black bags? Yah! I'm quite certain this name will linger around my shoulder for some time. Looking forward to getting a cool and mad piece of wallet from him soon!

~Paul Smith's Mini Cooper Canvas Bag~


Sherril Louisa said...

OMG !!! mad i say ! :p

JfNetto said...

Thanks dear..
It certainly is mad and m loving it :)
So cool I say ;)

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