Jul 18, 2009

* Thanks for the gift??

I love buying gifts!
Yes, be it for any occasion, I truly enjoy doing this. I love to watch the pleased expressions of the one receiving it and I always like to choose the oddest, rarest stuff if possible.
How about you?
Are you the sort that dreads it?
Rather envelope some cash and roll it into the receiver's hand or the type who takes time to get something worth while?
I know many who would rather give cash, as it is most of the time the best thing to do especially for weddings, where the couple could do a lot with your cash rather than a gift.
Have you ever wondered why you got what you got as a gift?
Have you ever asked yourself, "What was he/she thinking when he/she decided to purchase this for me?"
Well I have.
In fact the most ridiculous gift I have received were from my most lousy aunties in my life, and till now I still cannot comprehend why they got me the stuff they did?
Yeah I know its the thought that matters, but seriously, don't get a person trash as a gift and drop the whole "where shall I throw this" scenario on anyone.
Buy gifts that are worth something.
A gift worth your money, and a gift worth receiving.
A gift you would love to receive because what you would love to receive is what you would certainly not find hard to get for another!
So people, think before you buy something for someone.
If you fail to figure out what you should get, then envelope that cash of yours and pass it on. That always works somehow. *Sigh*
Better still, just wish them, call them if you are far away and wish them. That saves a lot of trouble, on the part of the receiver! *Sighs again*
Finally to the one receiving the gift, don't forget your "Thank you"!

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