Jul 2, 2009

* You STOP it!!

Yes the title sounds weird but that's what my son says to me when I tell him to behave and stop doing what he's doing. How do I deal with it? Well I most of the time tolerate and tell him back to not speak to me that way, but daringly he still tries, and when I lose my temper he runs really fast away from me to so call protect himself from getting a spank on his buttocks from my hands!

I asked him the other day while doing my provisions if I should buy the "Rottan" for him? Of course he said NO! A really quick reply even before I could finish my question. NO! Yup, I won't buy the cane for him, I don't believe in spanking a child to teach discipline, I don't know how we took it all when we were kids, when a spank was the only way things would make sense to us. When fear was the only way to discipline a child.

Sometimes talking my son out of his naughtiness isn't easy either. I notice myself getting louder at him when he doesn't listen and then I wonder if my neighbour's are going to call up STAR probe and report my loudness as "child abuse".

It's not easy, especially this phase where your kid talks back at you. Smacks you back, and screams back at you for not allowing him to make a complete fool of himself in public. Experts say this phase will ware off. Kids outgrow this behaviour. I am yet to know and when it does, I'll certainly be the happiest person on earth! So till that happens I shall STOP COMPLAINING.. and pray he grows out of all this real soon to keep my sanity!

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