Aug 16, 2009

* 7teen and Beyond

You're not a kid, nor are you an adult.
So what are you?
A TEENAGER that's what you are.
A person who's got so much potential in life, who is at the starting point of the best things to achieve, standing on the platform to success. That's what your life is.
Being 17 is the prime point of your life.
The point where your decisions on friendship, relationship, education, career, family and personal enrichment takes its pinnacle priority.
The choices you choose can MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU.
That is what everyone should bare in mine too. Not just the teenager but the family, relatives and friends.
The support a teenager gets from the family is the utmost importance to allowing him/her to be what he/she will be.

You are blessed when you have the best circle of friends, a supportive family, and relatives who genuinely boost your confidence and supports you with your decisions. For those who come into your life to mock you, criticise you, scrutinize and belittle your behaviour, your actions and even judge your motives, don't get put down by all that. Don't allow the words of a hypocrite side track you from your dreams!

You would think you know exactly what you want, but honestly, you don't. It's good to think you do at 17, it will certainly allow you to figure out where and which path to walk through.

Good judgement comes from experience and that experience - well, that comes from poor judgement. The mistakes you make in your life, will be lessons you learn to being a better person, but remember.. it will be a learnt lesson only if you admit you've made a mistake to learn from.

Be humble in everything you do and say, but at the same time, do not let others use your humility to bully the person you are.

Be forever young in heart and mind, as age truly is just a number. Do not allow, whatever the circumstances be, make you older in manner than you may be. Your spirits are high right now, keep them high and keep yourself in tune to what the world and God has for you.

Do not let the ones you love, stray away from you by being ignorant to appreciating the love you share with them, and allow your good judgement to keep you away from the people who may be around you to rot your life.

Take your steps in life wisely and responsibly
Be happy in life no matter what comes your way, as being happy is a choice.
Respect those around you in order to be respected in return.
Place God in everything you do, plan to do, and surrender everything that you have been through in His hands.

You are very soon stepping into a whole new arena..
Place God before everything, place your confidence alongside with His Blessings..
And live the life you love to have as well as you love the life you have lived so far.
Believe in yourself most of all, as that faith will guide you through anything!

Happy 17th birthday my little gorgeous grown up niece!
Believe in yourself in everything that you do, you TRULY are UNIQUELY YOU!! Not anyone else but yourself..
Make your path right, I believe you will..
Make your footprints one worth following for your younger siblings and one that is looked up on by your peers.
All the best to you.. and I look forward to congratulating you all the way!
Happy birthday once again and I love you!!

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