Aug 28, 2009

* DeTox

You need to detox yourself occasionally to feel rejuvenated, it has been a known thing to many for years. You plan a program suited to your requirement and need and you carry it out in the duration of usually a week. That's in a physiological aspect.
What do you do when you need to detoxify yourself Psychologically?
Read self help books?
Remove the negative vibes around you?
Think on the positive?
Be around people who bring good thoughts into your head?
Well the list is endless.. its not as simple as going on a complete fruit diet and achieving anti-bloating, a non water retention state of being.
Psychological detox would mean reaching a state of Zen!
Of complete peace with your surroundings, and that includes the people around you.
So what exactly should one do to detox Psychologically?
Humm.. When I do figure it out, I shall write about it, but right now..
fruits, water and purified air, your my buddy for the day..
To my brain, go to sleep and ignore the crap that will take place around no matter how hard you think you can make others to appreciate goodness! I shall just appreciate it by myself.. and find my state of ZEN!

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