Aug 17, 2009

* The Fun in Facebooking

Have you ever seen a person having close to a thousand friends or more in their list of friends on Facebook? I'm sure you have. It can be pretty amazing how one keeps up with such a high number of friends and family on an account.

Then you have those who open Facebook account, and filters each and everyone they have on their FB, and keep a good number of 5 friends!

Well it is really the account holder's choice, but yesterday in a humored conversation with some good buddies, we decided to ask ourselves, who we shouldn't have on our facebook.

These are the ones we shortlisted:
1. Your boss/bosses.. I mean you work with them is enough already.. when you need to vent or complain, you might just want to shout out something to everyone and since FB is excellent for it, why loose that upcoming promotion right?

2. Your parents.. well this I wasn't quite agreeable to. There are other things to consider, like if you see your parents at the end of every day then what for? If you have a parent that's abroad or High-Tech and abroad, I guess having them on your FB, would help you keep in touch in a more fun sort a way, but that's only if the parent is FUN! As for me, if the world of the after life had FBs, I would so love to have my parents on FB too :P

3. Your ex-spouse... Yes what for? Who would want to keep such close contact with an ex-spouse? and don't you say you are open minded.. We just don't see that happening.

4. Your Pet.. Even Pets these days have FB accounts! What's up with all this? To keep your friends updates of his/her progress in the animal world? I mean since when were Pet's computer literates? All this is because of the free accounts given to us that we go making all sorts in the web right? : )

5. Family members.. this has its exception, if all of them live under one roof then why the hell for? Humm.. but I disagree to this one.. why not? You don't share the same friends as your siblings, and its fun to gather everyone in one account to enjoy a healthy discussion and comments. Unless you don't feel comfortable having family and friends meet even online?
Then again there are also the PEEPING TOMS of the Facebook world.
They sit in their account, online almost all day 7 days a week and do not respond to anything or anyone. But they are there non the less.. watching everything you do, and then some even discuss your activities with those who aren't on FB, and when the story gets to your ears.. yes you delete them off your account, and wish you could delete them off your life too!

Then there are those who have such online accounts, and make a fuss about being tagged to photos. The best are those who ask you to remove your photos just because their face is in it. Haven't they heard of UNTAGGING????
These are social networks. They are made for you to socialise, and the best thing is it has security settings that help you keep your privacy to the extend you wish for. Some use it for business, some use it to keep in touch with old friends near or far, many use them to share photos and video, and enjoy the commenting sessions!

Whether or not you favor FB, alot of us enjoy Facebooking..
As for me, it keeps me sane!
I keep in touch with my family, friends and ex-colleagues without having to pack my kids up and go outside of the house for a public socialising activity, I get to say my Hellos at the convenience of my time, and I love to hear the good news my friends have to share and console them in their sorrows if they do share them.
Many keep themselves involved in social circles in the various groups on Facebook and with all the constant reminders and invites, updates on news and current happenings, well certainly all this is only if you choose what to be fans and members of right. Plus all those silly quiz, how can anyone resist them? Its really a stress buster.
Over all, to me.. it's pure networking fun!

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