Aug 7, 2009

* Jack of All Trades and Master of None?

Interesting figure of speech isn't it?

As much as this saying was made in reference to a Generalist, a person, that is competent with many skills but is not outstanding in any particular one, I for one would rather say otherwise.

What if a person was competent with many skills and was excellent in them all?

Then wouldn't it be better to be a Jack of all trades?

Why just be a Master to one or two?

What's not great about being a Generalist?

Why can't that Generalist be a great one as he does the best in each and every trade he endeavours?

Leonardo da Vinci was a Generalist.

How famous is he?

Nothing is terminally unacceptable in being a polymath!

I see a Jack of all trades as an all-rounder rather than being just great at one thing, I choose to be great with many, great in the way I know best, great in the way that satisfies me because at the end of the day it is my happiness that matters. What I am proud of that counts.

I have learnt this much till now, that no one but yourself is the best validator to your own accomplishments. Others only help affirm it for you. Some people's views are better not acquiescented. Something great will always come out of your passion for learning something new.

I love a good challenge. The various trades I possess are those I challenge myself to achieving and it may not be seen as specialised to someone else, but the fact that I possess it, is great for me!

You are your own Master! Yes God is supreme!

I believe when your best is put in what you do, you've made it the best for you!
So be that Jack of all trades, drop off the following words to that saying!
Be that Jack of all trades and be the best Jack that lived!!!

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