Aug 21, 2009

* Mama Mania - Feeding Bottles

I have come to realise, that too many in this category can sometimes be a bad thing. How many feeding bottles can a child have? Well as many as you want them to have, but the stinky part comes when you have to wash them all!
Here's the thing, when you have a lot to begin with, each time your child asks you for a drink, you take a clean bottle from the storage container, and subsequently the soiled ones accumulate a the sink, well at least that's the case for me in my lazy days.
Then when you do run out of clean bottles, it takes you almost forever to wash the dirty ones, and as they say, collect your dishes and do them all at one time to save water (I CONFESS!!!! - it's not the saving of water that I consider in my case, it's my pure laziness, but I use this as my excuse to make myself feel better).
So I do, I collect them all and wash them up together except for the ones with milk, I give a quick rinse and soap them off in a pile. I want to make a change the next time around. Too many isn't a good thing when it comes to feeding bottles.
Once all these bottles are ready for trashing, I will get just TWO for my kid.
In that way, nothing piles up!
They are washed immediately because they need to be used again and again! Lazy or not, I'll have to wash them off ASAP!
Now that's a good plan, what do you say?

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