Aug 12, 2009


When you say NEVER, try and mean it.
I remember the countless number of times I have said NEVER MORE WILL I....., yet I go about doing it.
We truly live in an oxymoronic state!
We chose to say things we won't be able to keep to, thinking that when we say it, because we may have forgotten it, others would have also.
Never will I lie to you..
Never will I talk to you..
Never will I bake that cake again...
Never will I see them again..
Never more will I hurt them...
The book entitled Secrets, have a lot that quotes on what you always say you NEVER MORE WILL DO, only brings the energy to make you do it again..
It's the positive things in life that we constantly tell ourselves that we want to have around us, but somehow the book also says that the way we channel this positive things has got to be about the I WILLs and not I WON'Ts.
I will be happy..
I will cook that cake again and make it better this time..
I will ignore her and pray for her..
I will let time pass and see if I do meet them again..
If its meant to be, it will be.
It's about the wants and not the don't wants, it's not about telling you never will and go do exactly what you vow you never would..
The power to bring the right things in your life, lies in your mind.
Your thoughts send out the energy of what you are and what you want absorbed into your soul.
So don't say NEVER and deliberately do just that.

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