Aug 26, 2009

* Pain is PAIN!!

If you get someone saying to you, "oh you find this pain unbearable even after experiencing labor?", you know what you should do? Roll a magazine and wack their head! That's what you do!
Whatever the pain you experience, if it's painful, it's painful!
Before experiencing labor, I was convinced nothing was going to be as painful as a tooth ache!
After experiencing labor, I stand corrected!! Pain is pain!
No measuring system can tell you which is worst!
No matter how high your tolerance to pain is, it will sting you till you tear and that to possibly to a cardiac arrest!
I really thought I was going to die of a heart failure when I got my right toe stuck in between the bottom of my wash room door and elevated floor, while trying to shut the damn thing!
My kids got so freaked out to see me cry the way I did and that frozen packet of corn made it even more unbearable! I almost felt like I was going to get a cardiac arrest trying to bare the pain!
Now my toe looks more blue than it should be blue black.
So listen to this loud and clear.. with or without labor experience..
I testify "PAIN is PAIN" no matter what!!!!

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