Aug 6, 2009

* To 'Bitch' is no one's right!

Time out with friends are always something anyone would look forward to. I used to until I realise sometimes it's just a waste of time! When there's something to really talk about, share and discuss, be it a happy or sad reason, then the motive is fine. Just to simply chill out together is fine too.

But what sickens me is when you sit to talk and suddenly you start talking about someone else, and when there's some form of spike fullness existing against that talked about person, you hear comments like "ah, I'm sure she's fucking around and bullshitting her parents that she's busy with work!' or "yeah, tired and sleeping? with someone next to her after a good session I'm sure!"I've just heard way too many unworthy women speak this way.

Why do women, always allow themselves to put false accusations on another? To judge someone else in this matter?Most often, the ladies who talk this way, are actually doing it themselves, and yes I do know that for a fact!Does speaking this way make them feel less guilty of their own?It's always their own sins they so quickly label others with.

Is it because somehow they just want to feel better, reduses their guilt or something or are they so saintly they think it's their right?

Just because they sleep around, fuck freely with any random guy, drink in pubs and land in bed doesn't mean others who party and are sociable do the same!

Just because they don't know where to draw the line, doesn't give them the right to bitch and condemn someone else.May be it's time, women of such free nature understood that socializing doesn't mean having to spread your legs for an ass!

Many socialize, party and have loads of fun, away from sex!Just because some women are better at talking with men than others are, doesn't make her a city tramp!

Just because some women attract men more than others, doesn't make them a slut either!
Then again, just because some women are born gorgeous doesn't mean she runs the whore house in town!

Control your own insecurities.

Accusing another lady, is sincerely wrong to the marrow!

It may be your opinion you are voicing out, but what you so freely tag others, might just be the mirror image of what you are. Don't spoil your own reputation with such opinions.

A lot of us women, value who we are..We respect ourselves more than you know!!

You don't have the right to cast a stone on anyone whether you are wrong or right.

So let others be, sociable, happy and fun. Don't ruin their reputation just because you have a tongue! Don't ruin their reputation just because you don't have one, or you do have one but your crap is hidden under your sheets!

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