Sep 8, 2009

* The healing powers of Air kelapa muda

I have been having a series of unfortunate events when it comes to my health!
Over the weekend I started myself on a new prescribed drug my specialist decided to put me on, apparently to increase my lung capacity, but all it did, unfortunately was to increase the size of my lips and face overall!!
I had such a torturous reaction to it and I suspect the steroid in the medicine had much to do with it all.
Best part of it all was I went to an A&E of a very famous private hospital and despite having in their record I was suspected to be allergic to steroid, the genius doctor wanted to give me a jab of hydro cortisol which is steroid!!! How smart can that ass get?
I of course asked him if he read my complaint? and asked what sort of practise is this to inject me with steroid when I am suffering due to it?
What ever happened to simple antihistamines??
After a long 5 minute grumble back at him, I finally got to go back home with my antihistamines that cost RM4.10 and paid him RM30 for listening to me grumble and basically telling him what to prescribe! Ironic isn't it?
Anyway, taking the anti-hist only made the pain stop.. my face pretty much remain inflated, I looked like a balloon!
My sister said that if I had to put on a tonne of weight.. I would always look like what I did..
Like how Harry Potter's Horrendous Aunt ballooned up.
Thanks to my sister's comment and her medicinal remedy of bringing coconut water for me to gulp down.. the swelling has instantaneously gone away.
Talk about healing properties.. I remember how even the coconut pulp can heal scars if its placed daily on the skin just for several minutes.
Well whatever it is, it sure got rid of the swelling and I'm back to normal again.. The coconut water got rid of all toxins I suppose!! Thank GOD!! Thank Pat!!
What an experience.. Thank you coconuts!!

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