Sep 11, 2009

* My tough "5 to be years old" Client

Being a parent really allows you to enjoy the best of everything good and bad.. as your child grows and all that comes along with it, especially their birthdays.
My Belle is about to have her 5th birthday next month and she plans on having a Fairy Birthday. Infact she has been on her toes about all this since May this year.
I suggested since she was turning 5, why not get all the 5 fairies involved in her birthday and so my adorable tough client has agreed to it.
Belle will be having Tinker, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, and Silvermist much involved in her party cups (yeah its not party bags this year), with fairy wings on them definately..
The entire process had started yesterday and she's really tough to deal with when it comes to preparing stuff, besides being tough I must admit she sure has brilliant artistic ideas and she's one little girl worth planning a party for!!

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