Sep 8, 2009

* A new phase

I remember saying, that your age makes a difference in your comfort for studying Music only because I felt so uncomfortable being the oldest at the piano theory exam couple of weeks ago.

Today I say otherwise.. yeah that's so me! Miss Contradiction?

I did something very spontaneous a month ago, and last weekend, I finally had my enrollment and orientation day. The VC and Directors of OUM were very warm and their welcome to the campus felt promising. It feels great having to start studying again.. Furthering my education has always been something I wanted to do, but have put it on hold for way too long and now a new phase in my life has begun.

I know I made the right choice, because the right people helped me see the best of it!!
I believe the time I had in hand, since I resigned, was a stimulator to guiding me to what I really am passionate about and has helped me decide on this field of study.
Thank you Bi and Pat for being so supportive and helpful to me, not just with this, but with my piano classes as well. I am really on the road to reaching what I have always wanted!
I know with you guys by my side, I truly can reach my dreams and ambitions!!!
It really means the world to me!
I look forward to enjoying it, and graduating with honours!!!

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