Sep 23, 2009

* Nothing to be happy about??

Have you ever said out loud that, YOU, have NOTHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT?
I have, I admit I have. Only to, after a few minutes, realise how foolish it is to say that when I have been blessed by God with the things he believes I deserve.
But more than me saying this, I have heard this from others way too many times.
How can anyone actually not have anything to be happy about?
How can anyone not be blessed by God to have something to be happy about?
Good health?
Good job?
Good family?
Good friends?
Good house?
Good neighbours?
There must be at least one that's good?
Well, some people are blessed with everything whereas some may not be, but certainly all of us are blessed with something. Is it fair that you forget what you are blessed with just because what you expect doesn't seem to go your way? Is it fair that you ignore the things that you should be happy about, and greed for the things that aren't working out for you?
Well obviously NOT!
Instead of bickering on the areas that are not functioning right, try working on it, or maybe ignoring it? May be its not meant to make you happy, so avoid being upset about it, if all you've tried just doesn't bring any success.
Some even compare what they don't have to what others do, and forget that they are blessed with what other's might have. It isn't a matter of who has more blessings or why you suffer more than others. May be also, if your heart was sincere, for the blessings others obtain, you might draw positive vibes towards yourself?
Just because an area in your life is depressing, doesn't mean your whole life is ruined!
Even if that area means the world to you.
You do away with things that don't bring you anything but bitterness, uplift the ones that do, and appreciate them with all your heart.
If you think you have nothing to be happy about, and forget the ones that do, you might just loose them too, because you had no sense to appreciate it in the first place!
Remember, there's always something to be happy about.. so don't forget to hang on to it!

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