Sep 21, 2009

* Use It or Lose It

Use it or Lose it!
Well I meant you brain.
As much as some of us have finished studying and are pretty much settled with life, don't forget to constantly stimulate different sections of your brain so you keep it healthy till you kick the bucket.
It is after all the central processing unit of your body
and just like your computers need rebooting and an antivirus system to keep it running without problem, so must your brain be kept healthy at all time..
Feed it right!
Your diet plays a huge role in how healthy it is kept. Overdosing it with the wrong food especially too rich in sugar can make it slow.
Feed it too, with the right kind of attitude and activity. It basically does what you ask of it. You can even cheat your own brain to believe what is not true, so choose what you wish to have it remember and how it thinks. Overdosing your brain with crap only makes you behave crappy towards yourself and others around you.
Finally, since I believe in the existence of God and his divine powers, your brain should be covered with PRAYERS. Allow God to guide your thinking. Let prayers fill your mind with things that are worthy in life. Your brain then will work to help you evaluate situations wisely, treat others with respect, and the fear and the love of God that you have thought your brain to understand will help you avoid dumb decisions and live better for yourself and those around you.
In order not to lose it, treat your brain with respect and it will certainly get you respect.

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