Dec 26, 2010

Have yourself a merry little christmas..

It was a merry little Christmas yesterday with my 3 lovely babies, my sister and her husband in my car in our wonderful traffic congestion on the 3 lane highway of our beautiful Malaysia. Entertained by Mariah's Christmas CD, followed by Lady Gaga, Camp Rock 2, MJ, Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana in 1 drive, really made it a MERRY (Music) LITTLE (Space in square feet) Christmas.
I did an obligatory visit, a friendly visit and a home loving visit all in 1 day and no complains I guess as my kids were the most adorable children I could ever ask for. Their patience at such an age is certainly admirable. Even older folks would have wined away if put in such a travel situation.
Christmas was not the same this year, but however it is celebrated and with whoever it is celebrated with, Christmas will always be beautiful because Christ resides in my heart.
I truly loved what Fr Philip Muthu had said in his sermon in the Christmas Eve mass, "Remember don't eat too much and don't drink too much, it's not YOUR birthday, it is Christ Jesus' birthday, and as much as you are entertaining your guest in your home with the best food and drink, don't forget to serve CHRIST to your guest as well. Don't allow Christ to be replaced on HIS DAY by the Vodkas and Mutton Peratals you serve."
So, did I serve Christ to others on HIS DAY? I didn't because I was a visitor to the homes I went to, but I did spread this message to the homes I visited, I hope that counts.
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas my friends.. and when you enjoy this day, don't forget to whom this day belongs.

Dec 21, 2010

TRON Legacy

Tuesday again and today's pick was TRON LEGACY.
The latest Science Fiction movie by Disney which truly captivated us on first sight of its trailer on TV. Imagine being in a Computer Program, and worst trapped in one? Well that's what this movie is about. I lost interest in Science Fiction movie at one point, for reasons I don't remember, and watching Tron, a Sci Fi movie, just worked well in my head.
Besides liking the story line, I truly loved the white and orange lighted suites worn in the movie. The vehicles and structures were magnificently designed. It was truly wonderful watching the scenes and action in Tron and thank God there weren't ALIEN looking creatures in it, as that would have been such a put off. Deceased pix-sapiens had such a unique style of being destroyed in fights, as they fell out like domino pieces were really cool.
Belle and CJ enjoyed it, although I had to retell the story to them, as they kind of got lost half way besides still enjoying the action in the movie.
If I were to grade this movie from 1-10 with 10 being the best, I would give it a 8!
Call me a CLOWN if you want, but I enjoyed watching this more than I did Avatar!
Sorry Spielberg ;-)

Dec 20, 2010

Wet Grass

My son CJ had quite a disgusting time in the field today!
With the fantastic weather we've been having this whole month in Malaysia.. tho I should be thanking mother nature for it not being as horrid as it is in London now, the playground just isn't fun to be in.
What's good about today's experience is that, he finally felt it for himself.
Every time it rains, I say NO to the playground, he wines, I loose my head, and he wines and wines, cries and cries till he stops with me threatening him that I would put him outside for him to finish crying! But today was different, I said OK!
The entire time in the playground, he was washing his feet at every possible ground pipe around the pool area, and when I ask him why, he answers, "So 'geli' (gross) la Mama!!!"
Wet grass and mud in a combination on baby skin.. just isn't something he could deal with, in fact not even for Belle.
So the whole time at the flooded park (nope it wasn't 3 meters high!) my kids spent 3/4 of their time washing their legs! LOL
Best part of all was, I didn't have to be the one to say, "Let's go home!" the decided it themselves.
Anyway, I asked CJ would he go down to the park again after a rain, and my good little boy said.. "NO MAMA."
Well never try never know la kan?

Dec 8, 2010

MegaMind - Giving Bad A Good Name?

This is a classic story of Good vs Evil.. even better, it's the story of how evil needs good to have a good time being evil.
Well it starts with how Evil (Mr MegaMind) and Good began and that too was a classic example of a kid who got out-shone in everything possible against the Hero(Metro Man) and decided since doing bad was what he was good at, he would master at that instead, just so that he be noticed by others and have a chance at LOVE..
Well I did almost sleep off.. exhaustion and not boredom I must admit (luckily Belle woke me up), tho this movie was nice in many levels, nevertheless it was also something that would have been good to have watched in the house instead of the cinema.. so if you can't get the time to watch it with a box of popcorn and that 3D glasses.. you can certainly enjoy it when it gets to the home screens in the comfort of your living room.
Before I forget, what's really cute about Mr MegaMind besides his silly attempts at being a villain, was his unique phonetic pronunciation of his words like 'school', 'Metro-city' and several others.. it became his give away (you'll know what i mean when you watch the movie yourself.)
Will Ferrell gave his best and silliest voice for the movie... and who better for it than him, right?

Dec 4, 2010

Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa

"This the season to be jolly.... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa"
"Load your wallets and see it burn.... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa"
"Swipe your cards, if you run out of cash... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa"
"By the new year you'll see them outgrow it... Faa la la la laaaa.... la laaaa"

So how's my version of this Carol?

Yeah today.. 6 hours later, I found myself with 2 preschoolers and a toddler in a pram transformed into a semi shopping cart, a backpack on my bag, a GO GREEN bag from Toys R Us, cash enough to pay the parking, and a credit card that gave me a Silver Token which if accumulated would win me probably a NUT CRAKER.. or a Towel.

So what did I do today? I went shopping with my 3 kids to get them their Christmas clothing. A Christmas task I absolutely LOVE!!!!

We 4 survived it! My hat's off to AJ most especially!! My 6 month old son who loved being strolled around the mall, entertained by music, lights and faces!!!

Nothing satisfies me more in this season (OK I'm talking about the Material World.. so cut me some slack right!!) than to shop for my babies.. Getting them stuff that are cool looking and most of all FUNKY especially for Belle... my girl who's NOT A GIRLY GIRL (yes I so love that!)and yes of course for my boys as well.. Yup.. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

So basically, since my sister was not able to stay over with my kids for me to go to class this morning... I decided to make great use of my day to head over to the MALL early enough to get a parking spot, since it is the weekend.. and Malaysians always shop on weekends.. where most of them sit around, walk about and watch others walk about? Well.. that's our Lepak Culture.. which reminds me.. what ever happened to that campaign for anti-lepak?

Ok back to my point.. Now that the house is done for Christmas, kids are done.. I would need to get on to the cookies.. yes I'm buying them.. My kids are not cookie lovers and I don't wanna waste time with that...

Christmas this year is going to be kinda dull as Papa won't be back.. DUTY CALLS!
So it's going to be just us 4 at home.. but with every one of our close loved ones with us too.. so I Thank God for the gift of FAMILY that he has given my family so dearly!

Enjoy the preparations for this season.. and have fun.. don't forget the ones close to you and those who would need your help to celebrate this day.. The day our Lord was given to us!

Dec 3, 2010

Annual Problem for our Generation?

Ever since the start of the school break, which in my case started a week earlier than the official date, I have had mothers asking me, "How do you keep your kids busy and occupied for the school break and still remain sane?" Well the answer is simple. NOTHING!
Honestly, kids are kids, and they have the world's best imaginative brain most adults only can dream of having once again, or ever. Many psychologist have ruled out the fact that kids need immense entertaining to get through the day, when actually they don't and it's us adult who psycho too much thinking our kids are dead bored just being home. Well the truth of the matter is, they aren't! It's us who are getting bored for them which seriously is a complete waste of time.
While some mothers think they need to take their kids out every day of the holidays, there are some who forget its a holiday and drill their kids with loads of homework. Some forbid their own kids to play in the comfort of their own home, all because they are too "BUSY" to clean the mess after. There are also those who compete with other mothers around them, as to see who's doing more with their kids, as if there's a pot of gold waiting for them once school reopens. Immaculately, there are also those who just wake up in the morning, and decide as the hour comes what shall be done, and get on doing it, rather than being NATO (No ACTION TALK ONLY) sorta person and that's ME! Well I'm sure there are many out there just like me, but hey this is my blog so note the point here ok?
Anyway it's just the beginning of December and we have some what a whole month more to go, so hang in there, and just remember that the routine below
  1. Wake up in the morning
  2. Breakfast
  3. TV
  4. Play time in the room/PlayStation/Colouring a book/ Moulding play dough for a birthday party with 100pax guest.
  5. Lunch
  6. Nap/TV
  7. Tea/Milo Break
  8. Playground/Pool
  9. Shower
  10. Dinner
  11. Story book time
  12. TV
  13. BED ZzzzzzZzzzzzzZ
That alone can be a great day for a child. A day with ZERO cost, and 100% oh well may be 90% of parent children quality time. So who says it's got to be a holiday by the beach or up a Mountain? As long as you don't have CANDICE for a sister, you can do it all like Phineas and Ferb!!! Seriously when it comes to the holidays just do it the Malaysian style cause no one does it better than the Malaysians... "LEPAK AJE LA BRO!!!"

Lyrics | Phineas And Ferb lyrics - Theme Song lyrics

Dec 2, 2010

A Tangled Tale - RAPUNZEL

As promised to Belle and CJ, Every Tuesdays of the school break will be a Movie Date at the Golden Screen Cinema in Mid Valley Mega Mall. Last Tuesday was Harry Potter 7 hence my fiction wishes blogged last week. This week was The Tangled Tale - Rapunzel.
Amongst all Disney Princess / Girly movies ever made, I would say this is, by far, the BEST!!
From start till end, the script was magnificent and inviting.
The twist in the story and the animation was good.
I absolutely admired Rapunzel's mural skills, and her face was pretty as pretty can be.
I cannot understand what a cry baby I became watching the movie. Somehow, there were way too many touching moments in it that got me all teary and I loved it!
It was a Tangled Tale.. a tale worth tearing for I must say : )

Nov 28, 2010

We Went To Neverland And Saw Peter Pan!!!

Thanks to AMBP, I had the chance to catch Peter Pan in Neverland at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater last Friday Night (26th Nov) in the Grand Premier Show along with my Pixie Girl, Isabelle. We were indeed very excited to catch the show, and the entire process of getting ready and getting there was by itself enjoyable.
Collecting our complimentary tickets from the AMBP booth and heading our way to the Amphitheater, we were greeted by some horrifying spooky characters, who gracefully walked out dead from the Scream Park. Oh did I mention, we had a chance to see the Night Lagoon, Sunway has to offer the Public, and one of the many activities you can indulge in at night at the lagoon is the Scream Park. It's like being in Michael Jackson's Thriller Video!
The walk to the Amphitheater was nice for two reasons, it was with Belle and the view of the lagoon - the lighting past the suspension bridge was beautiful!
As we reached the gates of Neverland, we did therituals of every musicals and theater shows Belle and I have attended - the purchasing of the official t-shirt and the photo shoot at the official photo stand which along with the tickets would go as an add on into our Theater Scrap Book!!
The show started an hour late, as they had to wait for the crowd to come in, but the wait was worth the while.
It started off with Wendy playing in the snow on Christmas Eve by the Big Ben and the scene just took off from one to another with songs and dancing that kept the audience at the tip of their seat for the next in line, well at least it did for us. What I liked the most was the Pirates! Captain Hook and his troop did some pretty impressive dancing that got my feet tapping along!! Watching Peter Pan with Wendy, Captain Hook and his Pirates, the Lost Boys and yeah Tinker Bell was simply amazing!
The West End Production and Sunway Lagoon Malaysia, did a fantastic job with the musical, from the performance to the stage setting, it was worth watching!!
After the show, Belle and the rest of the children in the amphitheater had a special chance to take photographs with the cast. It was really nice to see the kids rushing up the stage to get a shot of themselves with the talented crew.
Lastly, the 800 over guest at the amphitheater were bided farewell with a
great downpour! So as we ran under the rain for the Pyramid, we still had our smiles plastered on our faces for we caught Peter Pan in Never Neverland!

Nov 24, 2010

I'm Invited!!!

AllMalaysian Bloggers Project(AMBP) has invited me to attend the Grand Premier of Peter Pan the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon's Amphitheater this Friday 26th of November!!! And the best part of all is I get to bring a friend along and it's going to be my bestest friend ever!!! My daughter Belle - My Pixie Girl!!!
Thank you Star Online and a huge thank you AMBP!!!

The Deathly Hallows

After watching Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows Part 1, yesterday with Belle and CJ, and hearing about the Tale of the 3 brothers which JK Rowling had written about, I became very wishful in the fiction land I must say.

Since the 3 Peverell brothers asked for gift from Death to avoid being killed for figuring a way to cross a river, I somehow wish I could have those same 3 gifts they got.

Here's why:

1. The Elder wand:
To change what I wish to in my life, and those around me.

2. The resurrection stone:
To bring my parents back, have them meet my 3 lovely kids, and hug them real tight, tell them I love them and say THANK YOU for being my parents and then letting them go back to rest in peace.

3. The invisibility cloak:
I would so wear it and go slap the living day lights out of the people who successfully seem to piss me off, especially the ones who love blaming others for their own self inflicted misfortunes!! They won't know what HIT them and that's definitely satisfying!!


Well yeah.. it's just wishful thinking..
I don't really wish to be the Master of Death by possessing all these 3 items known as the Deathly Hallows.
I just believe I am allowed to enjoy a blissful fiction moment once a while, right??

Nov 18, 2010

Late bloomers

Many of us were late bloomers ourselves, but somehow expect way to much from our kids for some apparent reason. Could it be because we somehow feel our kids need to achieve what we did not? Get what we didn't get as kids? or is it competition we have between other parents to keep our face up high?

I remember being a late bloomer myself. In school, rarely I got to be in the top 10 position after exams, but this was not the case when I went to uni. I realise the many times I have seen a flip in my achievements as I grew older.

Should we ignore this and expect our kids to be excellent from the start, or should we 'cut them some slack' and let them enjoy life and school at a balance and not judge them for things they may not achieve as well as the others?

We need to just make sure our children have a strong foundation to their knowledge in school and a wide experience to the world around them. All these, along with good grounds for civic sensibility, success will definitely be theirs.

Then, when they do come back with an achievement, it will truly be one worth being very happy about, and not just an expectation!

The things we put up with?

What a woman puts up with, in life is truly enormous. If you actually list it down, I'm sure it can go a mile long. Let me list a few and see how long it could go with explanations.

1. We put up with our parents as kids especially during our teens and early 20s, because we could never understand why they kept saying NO to what we wanted to do. Our fun was always wrong to their eyes?

2. We put up with our teachers, because some were unable to see how capable we truly were and most of them favored kids who were naturally smart of made intelligent by tuition teachers instead of themselves.. it's easier to educate smart kids?

3. We put up with our enemies in school, in university, at work because somehow they don't see eye to eye with us, and if we could kill them we would but we just tolerate them so that we can carry on with life?

4. We put up with our siblings. Come on! No family is perfect, and no one can say they never had a conflict or a misunderstanding amongst themselves. If they do, they must truly be saintly beings or living in complete denial?

5. We put up with our noisy neighbours. They somehow think, sound doesn't travel through walls and fail to realise how they drive their neighbours up the wall especially when you want to take an afternoon nap? Or could it be that we put up with their irritating dogs?

6. We put up with our spouse because as much as we love each other, we are not split from the same nucleus and since "till death do us part" we kill ourselves to being with each other?

7. We put up with our in laws because we just want to please our spouse? If not we would have long time flushed them down the toilet bowl?

8. We put up with friends who are friends that think they have rights to comment on our lives, and think they somehow know us better than we know ourselves, all in the name of FRIENDSHIP?

9. We put up with our religious leaders because we fear GOD and not them, but somehow feel guilty to tell them off because we're told to respect them as instruments of the divine world?

10. We put up with the government because if we have to say something out to frankly right, we might just end up in ISA?

Ok now I think this isn't just what woman has to put up with, the men too I'm sure.
I can't think of anything else at this moment, but may be you'd want to add to that list and see where it takes you? Hopefully not a mile away!

Nov 11, 2010

Pan, who??

Peter Pan the boy who never grew up...
lived in Neverland...
lead the lost boys..
spoke to pirates, mermaids and fairies..

He was the boy who very often met ordinary children from the ordinary world.. and he's here in Malaysia to meet the kid in us - the kid who wished never to grow up...

Meet Peter Pan in an exclusive Musical at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater this holidays between 26 Nov - 2 Jan and experience the magic at the Night Park (

It's sure to be fantabulous, for all you need is a little trust and some pixie dust!!!!

"So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land! Peter Pan.

Nov 9, 2010

What's the bloody field for??

I placed my son in a school that has a great big field, fantastic for physical activities, but only to end up with teachers who were afraid of the sun.

I tell my son to run and enjoy the thrill, but sadly his educators only know how to hold his hand and tell him to STAY PUT!

I am so disappointed with the school I had chosen for my children's preschool education.
I know that it was initially very good in all the aspect of its curriculum and activities, but after what I had to go through with my daughter's teacher shouting at my girl for finishing a chapter of her maths book in advanced, and then to have her party bags for her friends gone missing despite me giving it specifically for the absent kids at my daughter's birthday party in school, and above all having to hear her deny the scolding and the missing bags was absolutely mental!

Let me get to the part where she had her BM book in her bag for 4 weeks which meant they did not study the subject for 4 weeks.. that's 1 month!!! and here my girl would be going to Std 1 next year in a medium that's entirely BM!!!!

Yes that's what you get for studying in this country. English Preschools and BM all the way after that. English is not a compulsory pass but all of a sudden they need to see that the NATION passes History so fucking badly!!!

You send your kid to a nursery to see him or her have a great time, instead you see them shoved, pushed, and force to take a nap, and somehow none of them are forced to go run in the field and have all their energy drained out!! If they all had bald heads and wore a striped pajamas they would fit HISTORY alright!!!

A kid needs to run. They need to feel their feet smacking into the ground!! but no teachers are too afraid of getting cancer of the skin? Oh and they are so afraid that these kids would run and injure themselves too? They get injured even in class for crying out loud, when one kid head bangs another.. That's what you get when you keep boys in a room with no chance to play in a field!! What the heck is the field for? To train a squad for sports day in alternate years and then to have them not step foot in it after the event is over?

I personally dislike the idea of studying in a shop lot like one very famous pre-school which seems to be mushrooming in this country, and besides it having classes in shop lots, whats the bloody point of educating your kid in preschool with such perfect ENGLISH only to end up having that used as 1 and only 1 subject in 11 years of the rest of their schooling? Oh may be as 3 subjects if they took English Lit and Bible studies!!

I live in a condo, and as fancy as that may sound, it's a BLOCK! So live in a block and study in a block?

Then again when i think about it, I might as well go against my theory and put them in a block, cause a school with a perfect field has teachers who seriously need to look into spending a few hours in the same field for the benefit of themselves too!!!!

Nov 6, 2010

Greener pastures?

"Should I work or should I stay home?"
"I regret quitting my job!"
"I'm going mad being home, I need a break! I need my job back!"

Well these are just some of the common lines we hear from so many mums of this generation.
NO they are not my lines. I have heard my share of it, I must say. Then again, no one is here to judge another, well at least not me. I believe every woman who is a mother, has her own right to deciding what she wants in her life. Many say they want a career, and when they have it, they grumble over the lack of time for their family, but these are the same women, who when given the opportunity to be at home, and not worry about monetary issues, choose to think they are being sentenced instead.

The grass is always greener on the other side, it's only when you get to the other side you will notice that someone planted carpet grass and made you think it was all green and dandy.
I don't see why a stay home mum would want to justify their decision to anyone, and then again I don't understand why a working one should undermine the other. We all have our reason, likes and regrets for everything and anything, especially since we VENUS creatures are never satisfied with what comes our way, even if we think we are, some where down the line, who are we trying to fool by believing so?

So with what life has to offer us, clearly what you choose is what you believe you want for yourself, just remember that if you respect your own decisions, you would learn to respect those of them who do otherwise as well.

At the end of the day, you are still a mother even if your working. As long as your kids aren't suffering in the expense of your career and achievement.. WHY NOT?

Sep 28, 2010

* My Sour Flour Achievement

It may seem lame for some that I find it super great to have finally made tosai by myself, but it honestly is a big thing for me. To be brought up pampered by the culinary experience my mum constantly served my palate, making tosai myself after she's taken everything sensible for cooking with her into the grave is definitely a huge thing.

Growing up enjoying her Indian cooking, I sadly took it for granted as to just sit back and consume, and not really care to try and do it with your own hands or educate myself with her skills while she was still alive. Plus there's always the Indian restaurants available for my crave.

This is something many of my friends have agreed with me. Us taking our mum's kitchen skills for granted.

What made me want to do this, was really because of my kids.

Since I had the chance of enjoying hot homemade tosai on weekends as a kid thanks to my mum, I wanted my children to have it the same.

Not some trip to the Indian restaurant where I either have to pack it back or consume it as an overpriced dish, honestly I'm tired of it, the crowd, the filth and a bomb for a bill.

After watching how they enjoyed it very much, tosai straight from the kitchen to their dinning table, in the comfort of their own home, and asking for more and better still asking if I could still make even at dinner though the flour mixture finished for breakfast itself, that's the sign! The sign of my achievement, not the task of making the tosai, but the demand for it from my little fans.

More Indian dishes to attempt to, and I'm most definitely looking forward to myself doing it.

Sep 24, 2010

* My Left Hand Is As Good As Dead?

I have come across many who say that their left hand is as good as dead, and rightfully so it is.
Being AMBIDEXTROUS which means having the ability to use both your hands, the left and the right (yup.. I'm also wondering why I had to tell which hands.. as if there were any other haha) is something apparently rare.
Usually 1 in 100 people are Ambidextrous and even rarer if they are right handed who can write with their left because most things are built for the use of right handed people.

Anyway, today my son brought me his Nintendo with a game he didn't understand, asking for my help, and when I looked at it, it was a game to TEST YOUR AMBIDEXTROUS LEVEL by non other than the maker of Nintendo games Shigeru Miyamoto. He was the man who made the famous Super Mario games along with many others and was an Ambidextrous himself.

Well I don't mean to brag, but being that 1 in 100 that the scientists claim sure feels good.

There certainly is much more I could do with my ambidexterity other than to be able to write a complete essay with my left hand, beat batter at high speed for my cakes, and best of all, slap someone as hard as my right hand could; I just need to keep on discovering them.

Sep 17, 2010

* Please Pee in the POT!!!

You would think that living in a civilized world, with the modern facilities of almost anything and everything just at the tip of one's finger, one would know how to use a toilet right? Well think again!

Yesterday at Sunway Pyramid, my kids needed to use the washroom, and so we did. As we got out of our toilet, a very stylish "mother" of 2 comes in in a rush, pulls down her son's pants, lifts him up as tho he was going for an anal examination and made him piss in the hand wash basin meant for kids!!! Exactly!! You can have all your thoughts of what the F**** was she thinking by doing that right?

My son had his say for it as well. He walked towards that woman and said "THAT'S FOR WASHING HANDS NOT RURIN (as in Urine)" but the woman couldn't give a damn, just carried on with her indecent parenting skill and tactfully rinsed the sink with water and rushed out. Pulling her sons in each hand.

What is this world coming to I wonder? I can't believe we're living among people who don't know the difference between a toilet bowl and a sink in a public wash room!!!

By the way.. the wash room had 10 cubicles and they were all empty!!
After witnessing this, never more will I let my kids wash their hands in the sink of a public toilet, how ever posh or clean the place may look, which means, more wet wipes and hand sanitizers in my hand bag. Only God knows how many sickos like this woman are out there!!!!

Jul 30, 2010

* Women Are Peacemakers??

When you read this statement over and over again in a book, which was what happened to me, does it get you thinking, if it's right to say that "Women Are Peacemakers," as stated by the author of the book. Or do they just disguise themselves and make people especially men believe that they are?

No doubt there are many out there who certainly deserve this title.

Some very famous women, and some may just be our own mums, sisters or friends.


Sadly, I know a few who appear as peacemakers only because they've manage to make a puppet out of their husband or children to do the dirty conniving job for them, hence they appear like such sympathetic helpless women, who, when approached with a disturbing matter, would pretend not to know what's the root of the issue, because the root hides inside of them! May be these women are just simply smart at delegating the job!

I've also witness women who drive their husbands up the wall to clean up a mess they've cause for themselves.

In fact I have also had the "liberty" of knowing several others who deliberately chose to walk into another one's marriage with eyes wide open.

To add some more, as if the above aren't enough, there are women who place false accusations on others just to get comfortable with their life. I'm sure they would call this 'SURVIVAL!'

I'm certain that I am not the only one who has witnessed all this.

There are many of you out there who stand on this very same ground as I am right now, wondering, this very same question, are Women really peacemakers??
Are all women deserving of this general noble statement many make for our race??
Will the world be a better place if it was ruled by women?

May be yes, may be no.. that all depends on who that woman might TRULY be!!!

So I guess right now to set this matter to rest, I shall just conclude that this Author, is so very blessed not to have come across the "DISGUISED".

Jul 21, 2010

* Feeling illegal!!

And so it has happened again.. I have once more forgotten my handbag, and this time in PD heading back for KL. The first time, was when I had forgotten it in a Chinese Restaurant in PJ heading off to PD and only to have realised it after reaching my destination.

I blame it not on my forgetful memory (though I can still recall how my mum hated having to ask me where I left anything as I would always answer "I don't know", well give me a break I was a kid... may be I still am), but the fact is that I wasn't driving to have the car keys in my bag, which usually helps me in making sure I carry it off when I do leave a place.

Well, since I'm not blaming my inborn forgetfulness syndrome shall I blame PD then? Haha

Anyway, now that I don't have any of my documents at hand, I totally feel like an illegal immigrant, then again, even when I had them with me, people were able to blabber that "we" are immigrants (if get what I mean)! At least they decided not to use the term "illegal"! Stupid.. Stupid..

* I could have..!!

Very often people look back into their past and say, I should have...and then I could have..
For instance, I should have studied harder, then I could have been someone or I should have saved when I had, I would have been so much richer now.
Why do we enjoy torturing ourselves, and most of all the ones who have to listen to us whine about what we didn't and would have done or become?
Lately I heard this statement that went like this..
"Why you keep saying you could have been someone, when what you are right now also you cannot do it properly!" Excellent comment I would say!
People should stop living in the past, work with what you have in the present and make your difference for the future instead of wondering and claiming "I could have...!"
Don't you think so too?

Jul 12, 2010

* Thundering Cheers

Who needs the TV when it comes to football?

As much as the world loves it, I would agree with some of my friends that I find the game a little boring. At one time I personally felt guilty watching sports, especially when I'm on the sofa with a bowl of chips and soda in my hands! Right, I should be on the field burning calories instead of just watching and loading up on crap instead.

This reminds me of a story of how I played football and had a blast of a time in the field with my Catechism friends at our Confirmation camp, and right after that I joined in for Charades with another group in the dorm and I ended up twisting my ankle really badly because I jumped out of my seat for winning. I mean, I played football but I injured myself in Charades? Good Lord right??!!!
Anyway back to who needs the TV when it comes to football? I CERTAINLY DON'T.

Where I live, my surroundings practically alarms me that there is a match and I would know who wins or scores just by the thundering cheers that comes from the audience sitting in their own condo or even by the mamak stalls opposite my place.

So Spain won its 1st World Cup and how I knew that.. obviously by the cheering of the FANS!!!

To them I wish a big thanks for sparing me the guilt trip of watching the match although I have grown to ditching the snacks and sodas and watching it, if I had too, as a responsible woman :P

* The return of the Jedi

Sorry I just had to make it dramatic.. Jedi? Who am I kidding?

I'm back to my blog and yes the "A" I got for my Critical Writing paper in my January Semester, just motivated me to write even more..

Yeah I finally saw my results, all because I was just too lazy to go pay the balance fees for the sem and since I deferred May, I thought I could just relax and not bother about studies...

Anyway, besides dropping dead due to a blissful shock from seeing my results, I have my little booties - Arron Julian in my arms now.. well not now now, he's asleep now.. but yeah our latest edition is home with us, came 4 weeks earlier like the rest of my angels.. and with everything I've gone through for this delivery, I'm all better thanks to God, and I'm all geared up for getting back into my routines.. Studies, gym, kids, home and LIFE to its fullness!!!

Praise God for everything he has given us!!

May 19, 2010

* Why can't Pizzas just be Pizzas??

I don't think I speak this way because I'm pregnant and food just becomes difficult for a pregnant woman, but seriously what's the deal with Pizza Hut's promotions on their junky pizzas?

Have they seriously gone out of their mind?

Their latest Fish King Pizza with 8 fish sticks with crab sticks, cool lime and mayo cream in a pizza? Is this supposed to be a pizza or what?

Not enough when you do eat their pizzas, with just one bite of the slice, the entire cheese topping rips itself off along with that bite, can you imagine this weight as a topping coming off altogether?

What's next? Nasi Lemak as a pizza topping? Side choices would be sotong sambal, telur goreng or ayam rendang in mozzarella cheese?

Good Lord!!!
The Italians should have copyrighted their dish!!

May 18, 2010

* Words

  • The most selfish 1 letter word "I" ...avoid it!
  • The most satisfying 2 letter word "WE" ....use it!
  • The most poisonous 3 letter word "EGO" ....kill it!
  • The most used 4 letter word "LOVE" ....value it!
  • The most pleasing 5 letter word "SMILE" ....keep it!
  • The fastest spreading 6 letter word "RUMOUR" ....ignore it!
  • The hardest working 7 letter word "SUCCESS" ....achieve it!
  • The most enviable 8 letter word "JEALOUSY" ....distance it!
  • The most powerful 9 letter word "KNOWLEDGE" ....acquire it!
  • The most essential 10 letter word "CONFIDENCE" it!

May 17, 2010

* Big Boy~Small Boy Toys

Boys! Boys! Boys!

They never really do grow up!
Yesterday I had a couple of hours out with my family in a mall where my brother was selling off his camera and my son was making me buy him a Marvel Hero collector's toy.

What's the difference here?

Both these boys indulging in what they call their toys!

No matter how old a boy gets, there will always be some gadget or another to make them go "GAGA" over and believe it or not, some of it, can be as pricey as millions!

They start off at such a young age, and never do grow out of it.

Collecting cameras, watches, caps, action hero toys, coins, cars, bikes, and so many others that some are so unimaginable.

Spending so much of their time and money on it, to have it with them for some time and then to sell it off with profit of course to another collector and now with the technology of the Internet, they pretty much know where to find people of similar interest to do business tradings with on these toys of theirs.

It is a hobby for many and I think it's really cool to have such a profitable craze!

Well it's a thousand times better than to have a boy collect mistresses in his pocket, don't you think?

May 3, 2010

* (Mum+Toddler)kg - (Mum)kg = (Toddler)kg

I like to watch the 'humour' that takes place around me especially when it's to kill time waiting for something; like today while waiting for my medication at the A&E of a private hospital.

Sitting with my son, shivering away in the air con with my fever, I couldn't help but watch this lady who dropped her mother, child (patient) and maid off with almost 4 paper bags of things, and had a little quarrel with the security guard as to where she wanted to park her c200 Merz!
After much telling off, she finally decided to move her car from the entrance of the A&E and still broke the parking rules and parked at a NO PARKING area of the drop off only zone.

Then she gets into the A&E, writes the name of her child on the paper for admin purpose, looked around the A&E like she somehow owned the place, gave a million instructions to her poor over bagged maid, and decides to turn to the receptionist and screams "WHY AM I WAITING FOR SO LONG?" (Barely 5 minutes to be exact!) Just as the nurse called for the 1st line investigation.

Following hospital SOP the nurse asked the mother of the toddler:

What's is the problem?
To which she screamed - Fever LA!
How many days?
Since yesterday and she rolled her eyes!

Another nurse took the temperature of the kid which turned out to be 38.6C
The woman asked WHAT? 38.6? HAH!!! AYOH!!! So high ha!!!!
(that's the fault of the nurse is it?)

The nurse asked again " What's the child's weight?"
She said some figure and then said she's not sure.

This is the best part... so the nurse asked the mother to carry the child and stand on the weighing scale, and then minus the weight of the mother...

The woman went hysterical...
"Ayoh this is not correct lor... you cannot weigh the child like this one ma.. this is not correct.. the weight won't be right..."

I couldn't stop laughing.. how is it NOT RIGHT? It wouldn't be unless her kid was micro mini of a weight that minus off from a macro would make it inaccurate. She refused to do it, until a senior nurse came over to the table, and questioned what was the issue?

That nurse gave the woman a short science lesson, and this lady did what they wanted her to do, but her mouth certainly never stopped. Insisting that the A&E should have a baby weighing scale. Hey your kid isn't a baby by the way!

If only she knew what a BLOODY FOOL she looked and sounded like!!!
No wonder she drives a c200 with the registration plate WTF!!!
How appropriate!!

Apr 28, 2010

* Judging by Zodiac Signs

I know it is very wrong to judge a person before getting to know them well enough, and even then we shouldn't judge them at all, because everyone is unique in their own special way.

Then again, how can you not judge someone?

I believe the reason you do judge another is to remember what you are dealing with.

People come in all sorts of packages.

Some are so fantastically packed where else some aren't.

I personally judge a person by their ZODIAC SIGN.

Yeah yeah, I'm Catholic, I shouldn't believe in all this.. tell me what rules of being a Christian have you not broken?

Well I come from a family that has always been in tune with personalities and attitudes based on zodiac sign.

With the years of experience my family and I have had, we've become quite the expert at being right about someone based on their birth sign. In fact, we've even become such a pro that we know how to link their zodiac sign to their Chinese zodiac to be even more accurate of a person's character. We got this from personal experience and obviously reading too.

A person doesn't fall far when you really look at them based on what sign they are.

No matter what background the person has in their upbringing and exposure, they still fall in their very own zodiac pool.

I use this judging to avoid the signs I know I cannot get along with, to avoid unnecessary pain or irritation. I keep them in their place, and knowing their sign guides me on how to deal with them, personally or even professionally.

Believe it or not, I can tell what sign the person is by just a few hours of being with them, and most often I am 90% right!

Apr 27, 2010

* Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader

Grab a pencil and a piece of paper!

I just love this show! I truly do. The one thing I know about myself is that, I enjoy testing my brains. Be it in quizzes in magazines or newspapers and shows such as this. Those days it was "Wheel of Fortune" and at one time it was "Who wants to be a Millionaire" (though not many were as lucky as Jamal of Slum dog Millionaire.) These were entertaining stuff that stimulated the brain, at least mine.

Lately as entertaining as this show is, I feel terribly miserable for the contestants, who some are really intelligent, but somehow loose out on questions that are ridiculously easy. Must be the stress of being on the show. Come questions like; what vitamin is known as ascorbic acid, Canberra is the capital of; Insulin is produced in which organ of the human body, and many others, people tend not to know the right answer.

Worst is when you have a cheat and you lose because the 5th grader answered it wrongly, and you are forced to drop out. Instead of making the contestant say "I AM NOT SMARTER THAN A 5th GRADER!" they should be allowed to say "I COULD HAVE BEEN RICHER BUT THIS 5th GRADER KICKED ME OFF THE SHOW!" Hahahahaha just kidding.

My kids know that I would put almost anything on hold just to watch this show when it's on TV and they find it funny that I sit and answer the questions from our side. I am sure you do too : )

Apr 26, 2010

* Treat it manually!!!

I have just about had enough with the attitude of so many on the road!!

People who don't stop properly at junctions but just peek to their left and right and still move out of the junction even when the passing vehicle is probably just 2 seconds away from smacking right into them.


Best part of all is these vehicles are manually geared vehicles. Motorbikes, cars and lorries!

If people who drive manual cars hate changing their gear when at a junction, why the F*** buy a manual car? These nuts choose not to change their gear or start back from gear 1 hence their refusal to come to a complete stop at points where a complete stop is no longer an option but a must!

You wanna bang into someone.. go bang yourself into a tree and don't drag others to doom because of your laziness!!

Want to Macho so much, get off the roads and show your bloody machoness else where.. the road isn't for your parade.. and treat your manual car exactly the way it should be treated, by stepping on your brakes and changing your gear! That isn't an option for you!!!

* So what if he's the BOSS?

Most often, we hate our bosses for apparent reasons and only a hand full of people get bosses that are qualified to be one in every aspect.

If you have worked in the public sector (as I have), you will know that your bosses may have once been your colleague and sometimes very unfortunately could even have been your junior in service.

The problem that arises with such a boss is that, you have worked with them before they got promoted, and if this person has had an excellent track record, you are sure that this boss will be respected, even by you, but what happens when their past as a normal staff was rotten crap, and suddenly because he has enough years of service, he has passed the exams, and gets a promotion as your boss? You are sure to remember all the flaws and slacks that was done when he was a normal staff like you and finally this very same person becomes a boss and starts correcting others for mistakes he so freely did when he was an ordinary staff will surely piss the living daylights out of you?

How would you feel?

Would you listen to him?

Would you change your working attitude? (well what was he before he became the boss? who the hell does he think he is?)
Sadly, most of the staff would despise this new boss and unfortunately, that new boss can only hope people forget his wrong doings as an ordinary staff and respect him as a boss now. Then again, people never forget your past, in fact they would be more than glad to remember it for you isn't it?

If he is lucky his staff would only talk behind his back, with words like "kacang lupakan kulit!" or "Tak sedar diri la jantan tu!" and much more.. but these days bosses like these get it right on their face and it's really a sad state of life!

May be the people who want to accept a promotion should look at themselves and see if they are worthy of it.
Better still, be a staff with integrity and professionalism so you would not have to be stabbed for any wrong when you do become promoted some day.
Everyone should think ahead in their career in the aspect of work ethics, especially if you are in the public sector or else just be prepared to be shot down by those below you!!
(Check out this site on how to manage a boss.. I found it to be very entertaining..

Apr 23, 2010

* Karate Kid

Only today did I google to see if the guy acting as Archie in Ugly Betty's Season 3 was Ralph Macchio or not! Yeah I know and the season is close to end. My forgetfulness is what this is. I somehow miss the cast list at the start of the show for some reason or another.

Anyway, Ralph Macchio was my childhood HERO!!

Yeah, I even had a poster of his from the movie Karate Kid (in my book of course-the walls were off limits).

This Karate Kid was so cool, and even today if you asked me to watch those movies, I so would!!!

I never thought I would see him acting again, and to have him in Ugly Betty, my favorite series, is simply awesome. Call me crazy, but somehow I sensed it was him when he first appeared as Archie. I guess that Hero is still stuck somewhere in my head till now after 13 years and he's still so cute :P

Apr 22, 2010

* What's happening to American Idol?

I have been an ardent follower of the American Idol show since it first started in 2002. Why I watch it, well for the 2 distinctive reasons, Simon Cowell and the top 10 contestants. So what happens now that he's leaving the show? Sadly, before he can even do that the show is already going down a ditch. Amongst all the seasons I personally feel this season's the worst. The contestant all sound like local pub singers, and the comments that are being sent out by the 4 judges are pathetic! Have they lost it? or have they lost it?

Even Ryan Seacrest has lost his impressive sense of capturing the audience with his used to be good hosting.

Is it the show or is it just me?

May be I have turned disappointed with the show since Adam Lambert's loss.

May be last year with Adam in it, it was just too marvellous a performance that it has reached a point none can beat it? It sure beat Bo Bice and David Cook's year.

May be Simon Fuller should just come up with something else and scrap this AI away, extending the show for another 3 years would seriously require a miraculous change in the contestants to have it going, well at least for an audience like me!

Apr 21, 2010

* A Crab Race

Have you come across people who can't seem to care in improving themselves but at the same time, despises those who do? Unfortunately there are so many out there and I personally know a few and am getting so sick and tired of even having a conversation with these sort!! Not only do I have to accept you for your choice of not wanting to do better, I have to listen to you bitch about others who do? Reminds me of the CRAB story my Tutor in Grammar Class told us couple of weeks ago. Here it goes:-

It climbs up a tree with its fellow crabby friends and once one reaches the top, it turns around and helps lift the one below it to climb up as well.


It climbs up a tree with its other crab members and once one reaches the top, it KICKS the ones below it so as to be the only one at the top.


They all climb up together, and once one is at the top, the ones below, starts to PULL the one at the top and makes it fall.

Which Crab are you?
Apparently there is a colour to these crab, RED BLUE and BLACK but to which race it goes to, I honestly forgot.
I may be an Indian, oh Sorry Malaysian First then Indian, but, I for one believe in pulling up the ones below me and pushing up the ones around me!!

Apr 20, 2010

* Oh Please!!

So many men walk about with bellies like this. If it is hidden under clothings it certainly won't be so obnoxious as it would be seeing them walk around without a t-shirt on.
Some men are so insensitive; to think that the people who see them bare like this are okay with it?
How often have you had a neighbour stand outside his house displaying his equator sized belly for others?
If only you could shout out and say.. "OH GO PUT ON SOME CLOTHES FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!" what a better day that would be isn't it?
Then again if a woman were to have a front like this but a little more on the higher portion of their anatomy, I wonder what the reaction would be. Honestly I still wouldn't want to see it bare at the front of their gate!! Hehehe!!!

Apr 19, 2010

* To Make Up or Not to Make Up

Why do women put on make up?
Is it to hide a hideous face?
To enhance a gorgeous look?
A hobby?

A habit that makes one dysfunctional without?

Well what ever the reason may be, too much is certainly not the answer, and none doesn't make you any glamorous.

Most women, make themselves up to look radiant and fresh and yes, colours make the world a happier place, but unless you are a clown, you might want to take it easy.

Those who don't use any make up at all, are either lucky to have a fantastic skin, that glows and radiates constantly, or are just living in denial that they don't need it to look better. Though most of these sort that I know of could do the people around them some justice by not looking like sleepy heads from dusk to dawn!

The next thing is when should you make up?

When you need to go to the grocery store or to the mall?

When you have a hot date? A party? Work?

Well some people fall in the category of "TAK KENAL TEMPAT!"

I wonder, why some would put on make-up just to go to the 'Pasar Malam' or to the supermarket just to buy some coffee powder. What's your purpose, really?

It makes you feel good?

Shouldn't a shower alone that leaves you smelling fresh be the answer if you are going to go to the supermarket? Better still, shower when you come back from places like this as you come back stinky anyway.

So what's your big idea of making-up?

I don't like wasting my compact powder or foundation, lipstick and eyeliner and most of all my TIME if I was just making a trip to the local SPEEDMART.

For an activity like that, my make-up-less face is good enough.

Personally, my making up effort would be for a more deserving reason, place or company.

Apr 16, 2010

* Rock somewhere else lar!!

The Maxis Rocks On! USB Modem was one hell of a hit in sales I think last year. Well done Maxis, but I wish to share one doink-i-fied experience I encountered about exactly a year ago. I went over to Maxis Customer Service Counter in Mid Valley, to return my old modem as I had registered for a new one with a better savings plan and faster speed. My should have been only 10 minutes or less service got me waiting for the CS Staff for almost an hour because there was this couple who insisted they got this ROCKS ON! MODEM of Maxis, as that is what they want!!!

No stock? Not their problem, they were so persistent in making sure the CS Staff called out to every other outlet till they got one. One hour later, and still none available, I obviously stepped in and gave a piece of my mind. Something I feel I should have done sooner than after an hour!!!

Some people can be such a pain in the arse for others!! Talk about the height of kiasu-ness, Oh My GOD!!!

* Lucky in Love?

Love makes the world go round? I don't know how far that's true but it certainly can make your head spin! How many out there are so lucky in love, to have the first person they love be the one they marry and depart from at death? Yeah many wish for such luck, but unfortunately not many are as lucky in this aspect of life.

Ok, I'm not here to talk as a LOVE Guru, but the fact that, those who so happen to be lucky somehow think they have the right to belittle those who aren't. They take this holier than thou role upon others and it can seriously be annoying (only God knows what they are truly hiding away from everyone else :P )

Do you think anyone has the right to condemn another for having a failed or many failed relationships or even marriages?

To be tagged as a flirt because people had no idea you were changing boyfriends only because you haven't found the right one, or no one has found you to be right for them? Well looking at things on the surface level, I think we need to watch what we comment on anyone else when it comes to relationships and marriages.
No one is perfect, no one will ever know how it is to be in the shoe of another, but we all know this one thing, not everybody is lucky in love.

Apr 14, 2010

* Yes Anyone But Not Everyone!

It is a privilege to many these days to have the opportunity to further their education at the convenience of their time and most of all finances. With the many Universities that are open for working adults, anyone can look into advancing their education for higher qualifications that can help them in their work force or just for personal satisfaction.

There are courses for almost everyone in almost every field, and all one needs to do is to meet the requirement of entry and that too is made flexible so that senior citizens and those who had poor grades in school, could still work their entry by sitting for general knowledge paper and interviews, known as an OPEN ENTRY.

Let me now get to my point.

As easy as this is now available, some people do have the perception that it has no standard!

Anyone can enrol into these Universities!

Anyone can get themselves in a Degree/Post Graduate course!

Yes that is TRUE.. ANYONE CAN! but don't forget not EVERYONE GRADUATES!!

So to those whom I have heard throwing their "ah! there got that university, go join only la! anyone can get into there!" remember as easy as it may be for you to say that, it's not as easy as you think it is to graduate after 4 or 5 years. Many who study these way are not full time students that just need to concentrate on their studies and nothing else.

Don't look at the entry as a guarantee to a graduation.

Don't "ah" away when you speak about furthering education to someone else especially when you know for a fact many who do a FULL TIME course and go through the whole MALAYSIAN UPU system or pay a bomb out of their parents/siblings POCKET can't pass and obtain a certificate either.

I look at these Universities as a Blessing to the many who had no chance or was not equally given an opportunity for studying when they applied after school. I look at it as an opportunity, not as an "AH.. there can go there la, anyone can join!"

* I am Malaysian First then Indian?

Lately there has been much talk on which one comes first for you.

Are you Malaysian first then your race or your race first then a Malaysian?

As much as I have always looked at myself as a Malaysian first then Indian (since I was very very young to be frank), I somehow don't have the faith that this is how my country looks at me!

I have nothing to say about the 1Malaysia policy, basically because it's just a name sake policy not just to me, but to many Malaysian out there.

I love my country very much, and have in many ways been proud to be a Malaysian despite the many times it has failed to be fair to those deserving. Then again, who is perfect in this world that they can say they were constantly fair?

I sure hope my country remembers how much its people truly cared and cares for it, and work on maintaining that!!

God Bless you Malaysia!!

Apr 13, 2010

* Like Mother Like Daughter

Very often we see how daughters to a family become what their mothers are, and it is actually a cycle that most often is unavoidable.

You become what you have been thought to be.

If you have a mum who is positive and nurturing, you become positive and nurturing. If you have a mum who is independent and strong, you become that too.

If you have a mum who is kind to everyone around her and has many people loyal and sincere to her due to her attributes, you will reap the goodness of it too.


Exposure. If you are exposed to happiness, kindness, generosity, independence, confidence, and most of all LOVE, you become an adult who takes on the world with the best outlook because you we were nurtured that way.

Over the past weeks, I have been in contact with quite a number of people, and without a doubt, I can confirm that positive people come from positive mums and vice versa.

Yes there are those who try not to be influenced by the rottenness of their upbringing, and some claim not to turn out bitter as their mothers, but honestly, no matter what and sadly too, the fruit doesn't fall far away from its tree.

Apr 6, 2010

* Mother or Maid?

I am currently reading this book called "10 conversations you need to have with your children" and conversation one had this question that made me have my say as well. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the author of the book, asked the eldest daughter of a family this question, "Is that Lady your mother or your maid?" Apparently this girl had no sense of helping her mother in any of the housework at home, and lived as though she was no part of the family, and this drove the mum quite the much to insanity, having to do everything alone at home.

How often have you come across girls like this?

Personally I have seen enough myself. Daughters who think they are meant to be served and carried on the head for everything in the house. Some girls have no sense to helping their mother, and some are so grown up that their mums still serve them tea on a tray, serve food on the table and after to have to wash their dirty dishes as well, out of the many others. Nothing in the house is looked at as part of every one's responsibility.

Somehow the mother has to do everything, and if they are appreciated, it's a bonus, which often isn't the case.

Subsequently an overworked mum, will end up being a nag, and this isn't seen as a sign of change for the daughter, but taken so personally that it makes the one listening to them, oddly refuse even more to help.

On the other hand, I also know some girls, who would take annual leave from work, just to be home with their mothers to help clean the house prior to a festival or feast. Some working daughters make a point to help out on weekends, and most of the ones I know, use a little of their time everyday to just arrange things around, sit with their mums and fold clothes, or help cook together, and that also allows conversation time between mum and daughter.
The difference between these two groups of girls are quite obvious, but what could be the cause of it? The way they were brought up? The way they were taught to behave?

My hats off to these girls who know their role at home. Who take the initiative to remember that lady at home is their mother not their maid. Ask yourself, which end you belong to, and if you fall in the serving end, may be you should consider changing a little. Remember some day you will be a mother too and you wouldn't want to be the maid!

Mar 31, 2010

* The Biggest Loser

Oh yes, I am referring to the most watched show on TV, 'The Biggest Loser'.
Have you ever gotten yourself so emotional watching it? I do! I somehow find it so overwhelming to see such an over sized person, loosing as much as 100lbs in a short period of time, and all through exercises and a healthy diet.
I know so many around me who are inspired by this show and I think it is by far the best thing the world has ever gained in the aspect of healthy living. So many countries around the world has made its own adaptation to the show, UK, Australia, India, The Arab World, and even Israel to name a few.
What is so great about Biggest Loser, is not so much the prize the winner gets (which is in fact the bonus upon a bonus) but the many ways one can attempt to loosing all that excess kilos.
To see these over sized contestant do it and getting the results in the end, gives no one an excuse to say, "My FATS aren't the burnable sorta FAT!"

All one needs is the discipline and the strength to get their ass up and get it moving! You have this show as your motivation already!!!
I'm eagerly waiting to get back to my fantastic gym instructor who managed to torture the hell out of me for one week before I got the news I was pregnant. So it's all back to burning my fats after my little baby is born.
Call me evil, but I'm glad I don't qualify for this show :P

My Favorite: Ali Vincent of Season 5, TBL USA

Mar 29, 2010

* Sponge vs Butter

I am referring to cakes.

Lately it's a trend where, if it's going to be a cake or even a slice, it's either from some fabulous cake shop that makes the most richest sophisticated cakes or not at all. Even when you go for a party at any house, it's cakes from such bakeries you see served.
Why not right? You only want to serve the best.

I suddenly had a craving for something simple.

Something we've had all along but simply opted for more and forgotten these, SPONGE CAKES.

I have been wanting to eat some cake and when I think of doing so, the rich-buttered creamy cakes just make me feel sick.

I wanted a slice of cream cake.. but I wanted it from a local cake shop, that made them in sponge.

So I went out and got myself some.

In fact I even ordered it for my upcoming Easter Tea Party.

Looks like no matter what, we always fall back to wanting the simplest things life has to offer! Well at least I can confidently say that for myself.

Mar 28, 2010

* What's in your name?

Our names tho given to us by our elders, carry a lot of significance to what we are and have become. When you have to live with a name since birth, being addressed by it and remembered by it, it becomes us and not just part of us.

Some names can take a person really far in life, where else some take you just to your doorstep.

Do you think you live up to your name?

All names carry a meaning, were used by someone in the past who may have left a deep impression in history, or simply as beautiful as a flower. What is yours?

Look for the meaning of your name, and see if you have become what it means or if it has moulded you to live up to its standards?

(What's behind a name : )

* You talk too much!

Going back to classes again, and that too with a mixed age group, can really test your tolerance level. It's so easy to get along with so many but you are bound to end up with one that hits the right nerve to drive you up the wall.

I have a classmate who seriously sickens me! From a different age group? Era? May be so, but I have been the sort who gets along pretty well with anyone despite the differences. Somehow with this one particular person I can't. I really can't.

Her comments, her so called "opinions", the way she speaks itself gives me the vibes that she really thinks 'only she knows best!'

There are people who can talk and talk so much and not bore you. It's educational and informative and then there are people like her, who talk so much, ripping my study time, and wasting it on having to listen to her granny stories that has no relevance to anything. In fact she has such a demeaning outlook of the younger generation. Yes, old school of thoughts is where she comes from, but seriously people should learn to
  1. talk less
  2. talk sense,
  3. talk when you are required to,
  4. talk without offending your classmates,
  5. and talk as a student who listens to what others have to say as well.
  6. Talk without wasting another person's time,
  7. and definitely talk in relevance to the audience/classmates in this case!
If you find yourself in a situation like this where you are a student in a class of a tertiary education, just remember you aren't the tutor, and your classmates did not pay to get in class to listen to JUST YOU and your crappy talk!!!

Classes for this semester is over, and when the next one starts, I pray I have more patience, or she is probably going to get it from me straight at her forehead!

Mar 26, 2010

* What's in a FACE

What do you look at in a face of someone in a conversation?
The eyes? Lips? The entire face itself?

Well some people may say, "look me in the eye when you speak to me" this is with regards to expecting an honest conversation, but seriously where do you look at when you speak to someone or when you are watching someone else speak?

I have discovered that when I am talking to someone, I look them in the eye, but also discovered that when I watch people talk I look at their mouth - well that's because I can read lips very well! If I were watching a movie it could be either the eyes or the mouth.

Sinfully I just drop dead at the lips of Gerard Butler when he speaks, besides his sexy Irish accent of course. The way his lips move glues me to watching his movies even more, and I believe I feel the same way for Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman. Where else watching Morgan Freeman or Jack Nickelson would make me watch their eyes instead ( I doubt it's because of their age!). Why? I don't know.. could it be the attraction factor of this parts in their faces. Then again sometimes I catch myself not interested to look at the face at all because it's enough torture having to listen to the person speak. Yikes..
So go have some fun and analyse which is your favorite part in the faces of the ones around you, and hopefully it's in their face and not their butt or cleavage :P

Mar 24, 2010

* What Sort of AUNT Are You?

What is an Aunt?

Is it a TITLE or is it a ROLE?

I grew up with a balance of good and rotten ones, but I honestly must say I never had a role model aunt that I could look up to.


Well probably because all of them looked at the word AUNT as a TITLE instead of a ROLE?

So what makes a good aunt?

I believe below may be some possible reasons :-
  1. One who lives by ROLE and not TITLE.

  2. One who cares for her nephew and niece as if they were her own kids.

  3. One who would remember their birthdays and special occasions not after the day has gone.

  4. One who behaves like a family and not an outsider.

  5. One who surprises them constantly.

  6. One who cares for them when they are sick, or at least takes the time to find out if they are well, or has the courtesy to visit when ill news arrives to their attention.

  7. One who educates and supports in every little way possible, to build the emotions and character of their nephew and niece.

  8. One who corrects when wrong has happened.

  9. One who laughs and motivates.

  10. One who hugs and loves.

  11. One who doesn't put them on a waiting or wondering list.

  12. One who sets a good example in attitude and responsibility.

  13. One who is AROUND, and when around is around BODY, MIND AND SOUL to make the time with their nephew or niece worthwhile!!
14. One who just knows how to have FUN with them!
15. One who mothers a little and befriends a lot.
Sounds difficult? Well it can be, especially if the mother of your nephew or niece isn't warm and willing to have you around as an Aunt, or condemns you to their kids behind your back, so as to have no reason for respect between aunt, niece and nephew. Then again sometimes it's so annoying to see how ungrateful some nephews and nieces become no matter how much you have been there as an aunt for them. That can make you change your mind set to taking TITLE instead of ROLE!
But many out there look for this sort of relationship for their children. Especially if it can be healthy and beneficial for the growing ones. Believe me, our kids can certainly take a break from being around us all the time and what better than to be with a great AUNT?
So what sort of AUNT are YOU??
An aunt adds beauty, joy, and love to life.
An aunt grows more precious and treasured as time goes by.
She is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart.
Who is a joy to remember your whole life through.
Felt with warmth, thought of with pride, and cherished with love.
An Aunt loves like a parent but remains a good friend!

* So happy for you?

Very often the ones close to us aren't the ones who are sincerely happy for our success.

Yes this was my Face book status yesterday. Reason being, not just my experience but the many others I have listened to for the past couple of weeks, makes me conclude this.

It is indeed sad, but a very factual state non the less.

Often these sort of insincere people, somehow enjoy listening to your depressed stories, and gossips with you about other people, but when you do tell them about something you have achieved, they have no time to listen to it and be happy for you, or they help you to change the topic of your conversation so that it revolves around them. If it is about their achievements, we'd have to listen to it, and I guess we do, because we sincerely care and feel happy for that person.

Then again, there are also those who listen to you, and smiles, and in their heart, burns away for what you have achieved. People like this, show it all over their face because their heart is somehow very connected to their facial expression.

I guess if you take what Jacob M. Braude had said, "Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others", one would sadly only let this issue be just the way it is.

Mar 8, 2010

* Rotten Mango!

Here's how to distinguish a rotten Malaysian Indian man who claims he can do everything for his customer.

  1. When you first talk to him, he promises he will "HELP" you.

  2. When you do meet him to discuss the planning, he will be busy talking about something else or you can see his eyes attending to other things that will eventually side track his ears as well.

  3. When he comes to meet you regarding the plans, he does not carry a notebook/laptop/i-phone/or an organizer to take down what your request are.

  4. He rather talk about his personal life, then to be attentive to the needs of his customer.

  5. He quotes you one price before and another after your function is over.

  6. He carries NO RECEIPT book!

  7. He calls you SISTER! or BROTHER instead of addressing you with Mr/Ms.

  8. He tells you he will "HELP" you!

  9. He says "DON'T WORRY" too many times that you have got to start worrying!

  10. He screws the event for you, by not meeting to your request and how will he when he failed in POINT 3 of the above. He obviously proves to you that he has the memory of a cockroach.

  11. Messes the event for the customer, and instead of listening to the complains, demands for the balance which again as POINT 5 clearly says, it's a different price.

  12. Able to call you a thousand times after the event for the balance cash, but during the pre-preparations, had no time to call and say the "last minute" failures of meeting customer's needs, then again how would he when he failed to take the customer's order properly, where by failing in POINT 3 of the above.

  13. Takes another Indian for granted, or probably thought the Indian customer was just some DUMB ASS like himself.

  14. He constantly reminds you, he was "HELPING" you when he has forgotten, it's being PAID FOR!

  15. Finally comes to meet you to listen to your complain but tells you to hurry up as he has other obligations.

  16. Refuses to admit his mistakes, but tries to close the issue by making it look like he's doing YOU A FAVOR!

  17. Never says SORRY!

So to the fellow Malaysian Indians who think this is the way to go about with your Customer Service, or event organising, please remember, that ROTTEN MANGOES like you, are why, we decent Indians get a rotten name too!

It is so true when they tell you never close a deal with an INDIAN!
His words are as thin as the alcohol he drinks and when they call you sister or brother in a business deal, they seriously just want to ROB YOU IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!

Their customers are just DOLLAR signs! They have no decent work ethics, discipline nor respect for anyone else which is why they do what they do and royally destroy the credibility of the Indians in this country who work with honesty and respect to satisfy their customers!

When you do meet a ROTTEN MANGO like this, smack them down because I did and it sure feels good!

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