Jan 16, 2010

* 2nd opinion

When it comes to health issues, the worst thing would be not knowing what the hell is going on within you and to make it even worst is when you seek the advice of a doctor who frightens you yet not do anything medically right to solve the problem.

About 2 months ago, in my 2nd month of pregnancy, I started spotting, and the spotting would get into mild bleeds where practically fresh blood would be excreated when I cough (thanks the the post nasal dripping that I have been diagnosed with!). Anyway it really panicked the hell out of me to see blood every time I visited the loo.

I consulted my gynae at a Private Medical Center here in KL one night through the A&E and after so many questions by the A&E MO, my gynae came in and did an ultrasound to check if the fetus was fine as he assumed it to be a threatened miscarriage. I refused admission for bed rest and he sent me home with a FAT bill and Progesterone Tablets (this was suppose to thicken the endometrial wall in the uterus for more blood supply and eventually stop the bleed).

The bleeding/spotting never stopped. 2 weeks later it actually got worst.
Then I had an appointment with the gynae again, to which he only did an ultrasound AGAIN!

With super speed information at the tip of your fingers thanks to the World Wide Web, I being the curious cat read through so many sites and what disappointed me was that my gynae never did a pelvic/cervical examination to confirm the site/cause of bleed and I knew it cannot be placenta praevia as it was too early a pregnancy for such a situation.

It wasn't painful what I was going through, but the anxiety of what was going on really disturbed me. I did everything I could trying to stop the bleed until I lost it and asked my husband to take me back to where I delivered my 2 other kids for a 2nd opinion.

I consulted a Professor from the gynae department who was running his private practise in this hospital and as soon as I told him what I was going through, he listed out a few possibilities and immediately carried out a pelvic examination and confirmed his guessed diagnosis, it was a CERVICAL POLYP. He removed it (and that was excruciatingly painful) and did a pap smear at the same time. The POLYP was sent for a Histopathological Examination at the Pathology Lab. I'm still waiting for the results of that and am hoping it is benign, which may be so because my Pap Smear was normal.

Then he proceeded with an ultrasound and little bum2 is fine in there... growing well and properly.

2 days after the removal of the Polyp, I have not had one spot of blood excreted till today, THANK GOD!!

I never came across any sites on the web either saying it could be a polyp, but all the sites mentioned a vaginal examination..

So to all the other pregnant women out there, do not hesitate to go for a 2nd opinion and choose your gynae wisely.

More than being free from bleeding, I thank God for guiding me to this Prof, as he has freed me from Mental Anxiety and OH YES I am sticking with this gynae till I deliver!!

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