Jan 19, 2010

* Behind the back..

People around us, whether they love us or not are bound to talk behind our back. This is very true, but the question is, what about? The good of you or the bad or their judgement of what and who you are in their virtuous context?
No one can stop a person from talking behind their back.
We do not have that much power over life to make others shut up unless we want to jump on whatever we hear from others and be a fighter cock, which only gives others more to talk about.
Nevertheless we do have one thing in our hands.. the ability to ignore it.
Caring to much about what others have to say behind our back, is a complete waste of our time.
In fact caring to much about what anyone thinks of you is a waste of time.
You can be someone who is worthy of praises for your good deeds, but a pathological back biter will bite despite what you do, and nope you cannot change this, this sort of change has to come from within that person itself but when you do know the person you are dealing with is such a being, recommendation would be to stay away.
So stay away for the peace of mind you deserve!

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