Jan 15, 2010

* Rest in Peace..

Since the start of December 2008, my family and I have been dawned with calls of the passing away of close family friends and relatives and I pray to God it stops because I honestly cannot take it anymore..
3 uncles and a cousin and let there be no more!
I haven't had a peaceful night's sleep since the hearing of the tragic death of my cousin Daniel.
I know that I have not seen much of him since my mum's passing away but I have always cherished the moment of him growing up and knowing him was indeed a pleasure.. He was very sweet and charming despite the series of unfortunate events put upon him since he could remember.
To die so young and that too in a tragic motorcycle accident is devastatingly a waste to his life. No words could ever express his mother's feeling for the lost of her only hope for starting her life again.. My prayers goes out to his soul and God bless his mother with strength.
It isn't easy for me to forget his growing up, as I watched it before my eyes and had treasured it so much. If only time could be turned back... and he didn't get on that bike?
But that has never been in our hands now has it? Fate?

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