Feb 27, 2010

* Weeeee willy winky

Around the block of our Music School in Sri Petaling, there is a homeless man who lurks around with the worst stink of cheap alcohol and no shower. He walks with only his torn and tattered pants and his hair and face can give any kid the fright of his life.

That is exactly what I did to my son! I introduced him to the biggest fright of his life.

Yes I know it sounds bad, but if you hear me out, I hope you would think otherwise.
My son, who has been off his diapers for almost a year, like many little boys just loves to stand around holding his little winky for no apparent reason! I have asked him if he thinks his winky was going to fall off which is why he keeps holding it? He laughs and to all my tries I have failed to make him stop doing it! It's really embarrassing especially in public. Then again, this is a common thing boys his age do, but he's my son and I don't want him doing it!
So I did, what I thought was right and has helped so far.. I told him that KAKA MAN catches boys who hold their winky around and that KAKA MAN also will catch and eat boys who cry for no reason! He can hear and smell and sense the holding of a winky by a little boy!

Yes he cried and cried but stopped when I mentioned KAKA MAN can hear little boys crying!
So far he hasn't held his winky.. and I hope he never does!

I don't think I'm bad.. I can't help that man either, he seems beyond repair, so let me help my son to get rid of something I can't stand watching any more!

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