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* The Biggest Loser

Oh yes, I am referring to the most watched show on TV, 'The Biggest Loser'. Have you ever gotten yourself so emotional watching it? I do! I somehow find it so overwhelming to see such an over sized person, loosing as much as 100lbs in a short period of time, and all through exercises and a healthy diet. I know so many around me who are inspired by this show and I think it is by far the best thing the world has ever gained in the aspect of healthy living. So many countries around the world has made its own adaptation to the show, UK, Australia, India, The Arab World, and even Israel to name a few. What is so great about Biggest Loser, is not so much the prize the winner gets (which is in fact the bonus upon a bonus) but the many ways one can attempt to loosing all that excess kilos. To see these over sized contestant do it and getting the results in the end, gives no one an excuse to say, "My FATS aren't the burnable sorta FAT!"
All one needs is the discipline …

* Sponge vs Butter

I am referring to cakes.
Lately it's a trend where, if it's going to be a cake or even a slice, it's either from some fabulous cake shop that makes the most richest sophisticated cakes or not at all. Even when you go for a party at any house, it's cakes from such bakeries you see served.
Why not right? You only want to serve the best.

I suddenly had a craving for something simple.

Something we've had all along but simply opted for more and forgotten these, SPONGE CAKES.

I have been wanting to eat some cake and when I think of doing so, the rich-buttered creamy cakes just make me feel sick.

I wanted a slice of cream cake.. but I wanted it from a local cake shop, that made them in sponge.

So I went out and got myself some.

In fact I even ordered it for my upcoming Easter Tea Party.

Looks like no matter what, we always fall back to wanting the simplest things life has to offer! Well at least I can confidently say that for myself.

* What's in your name?

Our names tho given to us by our elders, carry a lot of significance to what we are and have become. When you have to live with a name since birth, being addressed by it and remembered by it, it becomes us and not just part of us.
Some names can take a person really far in life, where else some take you just to your doorstep.
Do you think you live up to your name?
All names carry a meaning, were used by someone in the past who may have left a deep impression in history, or simply as beautiful as a flower. What is yours?
Look for the meaning of your name, and see if you have become what it means or if it has moulded you to live up to its standards?
(What's behind a name : )

* You talk too much!

Going back to classes again, and that too with a mixed age group, can really test your tolerance level. It's so easy to get along with so many but you are bound to end up with one that hits the right nerve to drive you up the wall.
I have a classmate who seriously sickens me! From a different age group? Era? May be so, but I have been the sort who gets along pretty well with anyone despite the differences. Somehow with this one particular person I can't. I really can't.
Her comments, her so called "opinions", the way she speaks itself gives me the vibes that she really thinks 'only she knows best!'
There are people who can talk and talk so much and not bore you. It's educational and informative and then there are people like her, who talk so much, ripping my study time, and wasting it on having to listen to her granny stories that has no relevance to anything. In fact she has such a demeaning outlook of the younger generation. Yes, old school of tho…

* What's in a FACE

What do you look at in a face of someone in a conversation? The eyes? Lips? The entire face itself?
Well some people may say, "look me in the eye when you speak to me" this is with regards to expecting an honest conversation, but seriously where do you look at when you speak to someone or when you are watching someone else speak?
I have discovered that when I am talking to someone, I look them in the eye, but also discovered that when I watch people talk I look at their mouth - well that's because I can read lips very well! If I were watching a movie it could be either the eyes or the mouth.
Sinfully I just drop dead at the lips of Gerard Butler when he speaks, besides his sexy Irish accent of course. The way his lips move glues me to watching his movies even more, and I believe I feel the same way for Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman. Where else watching Morgan Freeman or Jack Nickelson would make me watch their eyes instead ( I doubt it's because of their age!). Why? I…

* What Sort of AUNT Are You?

What is an Aunt?
Is it a TITLE or is it a ROLE?
I grew up with a balance of good and rotten ones, but I honestly must say I never had a role model aunt that I could look up to.
Well probably because all of them looked at the word AUNT as a TITLE instead of a ROLE?
So what makes a good aunt?
I believe below may be some possible reasons :- One who lives by ROLE and not TITLE.
One who cares for her nephew and niece as if they were her own kids.
One who would remember their birthdays and special occasions not after the day has gone.
One who behaves like a family and not an outsider.
One who surprises them constantly.
One who cares for them when they are sick, or at least takes the time to find out if they are well, or has the courtesy to visit when ill news arrives to their attention.
One who educates and supports in every little way possible, to build the emotions and character of their nephew and niece.
One who corrects when wrong has happened.
One who laughs and motivates.

* So happy for you?

Very often the ones close to us aren't the ones who are sincerely happy for our success.
Yes this was my Face book status yesterday. Reason being, not just my experience but the many others I have listened to for the past couple of weeks, makes me conclude this.
It is indeed sad, but a very factual state non the less.
Often these sort of insincere people, somehow enjoy listening to your depressed stories, and gossips with you about other people, but when you do tell them about something you have achieved, they have no time to listen to it and be happy for you, or they help you to change the topic of your conversation so that it revolves around them. If it is about their achievements, we'd have to listen to it, and I guess we do, because we sincerely care and feel happy for that person.

Then again, there are also those who listen to you, and smiles, and in their heart, burns away for what you have achieved. People like this, show it all over their face because their heart is …

* Rotten Mango!

Here's how to distinguish a rotten Malaysian Indian man who claims he can do everything for his customer.

When you first talk to him, he promises he will "HELP" you.
When you do meet him to discuss the planning, he will be busy talking about something else or you can see his eyes attending to other things that will eventually side track his ears as well.
When he comes to meet you regarding the plans, he does not carry a notebook/laptop/i-phone/or an organizer to take down what your request are.
He rather talk about his personal life, then to be attentive to the needs of his customer.
He quotes you one price before and another after your function is over.
He carries NO RECEIPT book!
He calls you SISTER! or BROTHER instead of addressing you with Mr/Ms.
He tells you he will "HELP" you!
He says "DON'T WORRY" too many times that you have got to start worrying!
He screws the event for you, by not meeting to your request and how will he when he failed in POINT 3 …

* Cleanliness & Fairness

This is really funny to me, and I must share it with you.
My beloved mother, always had this saying, "Don't think people who are fair, are always clean!"
She was generally a fair skinned woman herself, clean, hardworking and the tidiest-non grumbling woman I have ever known. She grew up and lived with so many people around her especially since my dad was a high ranking officer in the Army, so she really knew many families and had to be associated with them in the camps, plus she came from a very big family of siblings, in laws and relatives, with tons of friends of her own. Mum and dad were also very sociable people.
Her many personal experiences, made her conclude that when you meet someone, who is so outstandingly fantastic in looks and dressing and having fair skinned was another plus point to them (as we all know.. somehow people believe that when you are fair, you are beautiful - although the person could look no uglier!) and then knowing where they lived and how t…

* We're in this together!

This is the 2nd part to my last post on 'Sparing the rod, spoiling the child'.
When it comes to disciplining a child, it's not the job of just one parent, but both, and I'm sure most of you would agree with it.
It serves no purpose if one parent is telling the child to stop jumping on the bed, and the other sounds the spouse instead of being strict on the matter as well. Even if you have an objection to how your spouse is handling the act of disciplining, do not object in front of the child. You give the kid the sense that he can get away with anything because you are there to support him.
If you feel he is hurting too much, play the role of the parent who consoles the kid and makes him understand why, without taking his side or condemning the other parent.
Even when you have an aunt, uncle or grandparents that come in the way while you are correcting your child, these sort of people need to be told not to interfere!
It would be best if they minded their own business…

* Spare the rod and spoil the child?

Parents will always wonder if they are doing it right with their child.
Some say, I will never hit my kid no matter what, it's just brutal.
Some say, I don't care and carry on because they believe "sparing the rod and spoiling the child" is not the way.
Some kids on the other hand, do not even need to spanked, they have got characters that are simply prefect where else some don't.
What are our options?
If you have a child who tore down the house with his tantrum, how would you deal with it?
My son was once that sort, and call me horrid, but the answer I gave him to all his intolerable tantrums were from my WOODEN BAKING SPOON! I didn't need to spank him hard till he bruised.. NO! That is abuse!
There is a way to instill fear into kids like these!
There even came a time, when I would carry that spoon in my bag when we went out!
He was the sort that could even sleep on the public floor if he didn't get what he wanted when we were out and he didn't care to be se…

* Pot meets Kettle

In my life, I have come across a special group of people who fall under the category of "the pot calling the kettle black"!

They are difficult to be with, but these very same people find it so easy to say it's difficult to be with you!

It's like you need to put up with so much of their mood swings, complaints, dissatisfaction with life be it work, family, their other friends, traffic, just name it la, there's something that can be of a bother to them, but you listen, you take the time to listen, because you consider that person your friend. What sucks is when you come to know that when do the exact same thing, the so called "venting" your heart out with matters that bother you, you are categorised as exhausting to be with. Best of all is you are told of it directly, and you are expected not to keep a grudge against that comment. Can you not? Can you be one who can let that go and change yourself for that very same friend?
No, I don't think so.

* Travel Buddy

Have you ever been on a trip with someone who finally makes your holiday turn into a piercing experience? Well a good friend of mine just came back from an overseas trip, and the whole time talking to her, she had only the most distressed stories to tell me and I sincerely feel so sorry that she had carried along with her in this trip, a stack of daggers that got thrown at her, yes her travel buddy! Some people make the worst travel buddies! They grumble about almost everything and spoil your mood for an outing by delaying you in the most irritating way. Some have too high an expectation of a 7STAR treatment when the fact of the matter is their travel is to a place that does not offer such luxury, nor could she afford the luxury but never failed to make it look as though she could. Many just cannot have fun, and some are so good at crossing the arms and sulking away as if what you want to do as part of the trip is just stupid, lame and boring. Isn't it about giving and taking w…