Mar 31, 2010

* The Biggest Loser

Oh yes, I am referring to the most watched show on TV, 'The Biggest Loser'.
Have you ever gotten yourself so emotional watching it? I do! I somehow find it so overwhelming to see such an over sized person, loosing as much as 100lbs in a short period of time, and all through exercises and a healthy diet.
I know so many around me who are inspired by this show and I think it is by far the best thing the world has ever gained in the aspect of healthy living. So many countries around the world has made its own adaptation to the show, UK, Australia, India, The Arab World, and even Israel to name a few.
What is so great about Biggest Loser, is not so much the prize the winner gets (which is in fact the bonus upon a bonus) but the many ways one can attempt to loosing all that excess kilos.
To see these over sized contestant do it and getting the results in the end, gives no one an excuse to say, "My FATS aren't the burnable sorta FAT!"

All one needs is the discipline and the strength to get their ass up and get it moving! You have this show as your motivation already!!!
I'm eagerly waiting to get back to my fantastic gym instructor who managed to torture the hell out of me for one week before I got the news I was pregnant. So it's all back to burning my fats after my little baby is born.
Call me evil, but I'm glad I don't qualify for this show :P

My Favorite: Ali Vincent of Season 5, TBL USA

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