Mar 3, 2010

* Cleanliness & Fairness

This is really funny to me, and I must share it with you.

My beloved mother, always had this saying, "Don't think people who are fair, are always clean!"

She was generally a fair skinned woman herself, clean, hardworking and the tidiest-non grumbling woman I have ever known. She grew up and lived with so many people around her especially since my dad was a high ranking officer in the Army, so she really knew many families and had to be associated with them in the camps, plus she came from a very big family of siblings, in laws and relatives, with tons of friends of her own. Mum and dad were also very sociable people.

Her many personal experiences, made her conclude that when you meet someone, who is so outstandingly fantastic in looks and dressing and having fair skinned was another plus point to them (as we all know.. somehow people believe that when you are fair, you are beautiful - although the person could look no uglier!) and then knowing where they lived and how they kept their house especially their bedroom and bathroom was the exact opposite of all you perceived that person to be!

So don't blame me, as I grew up with that notion, to only end up thinking she was right!

Believe me when I say, I truly hate it when someone talks about the colour of your skin, especially when someone ridicules a person for being dark, or praises another for being fair! Hello it's just skin! Compliment something else for God's sake - something worth complimenting!
But unfortunately many a times I have come to believe that just because you see someone in public, looking clean and tidy and pretty and everything that goes to making you say WOW! would only shock you in the end when you do or if you do step into their house.
Sad to say but I have personally experienced this myself, being blown away in utter shock ( I don't want to elaborate on the filth I have seen - it's just too sad)!
You would wonder why the state of their house and the person do not match?

No time? No interest? No care? Not bothered? Nature?

Hummm... laugh this off or start analysing if you want to, and see how far my mum's theory works and while you're at it, HAVE FUN!!!

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