Apr 20, 2010

* Oh Please!!

So many men walk about with bellies like this. If it is hidden under clothings it certainly won't be so obnoxious as it would be seeing them walk around without a t-shirt on.
Some men are so insensitive; to think that the people who see them bare like this are okay with it?
How often have you had a neighbour stand outside his house displaying his equator sized belly for others?
If only you could shout out and say.. "OH GO PUT ON SOME CLOTHES FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!" what a better day that would be isn't it?
Then again if a woman were to have a front like this but a little more on the higher portion of their anatomy, I wonder what the reaction would be. Honestly I still wouldn't want to see it bare at the front of their gate!! Hehehe!!!

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