Mar 8, 2010

* Rotten Mango!

Here's how to distinguish a rotten Malaysian Indian man who claims he can do everything for his customer.

  1. When you first talk to him, he promises he will "HELP" you.

  2. When you do meet him to discuss the planning, he will be busy talking about something else or you can see his eyes attending to other things that will eventually side track his ears as well.

  3. When he comes to meet you regarding the plans, he does not carry a notebook/laptop/i-phone/or an organizer to take down what your request are.

  4. He rather talk about his personal life, then to be attentive to the needs of his customer.

  5. He quotes you one price before and another after your function is over.

  6. He carries NO RECEIPT book!

  7. He calls you SISTER! or BROTHER instead of addressing you with Mr/Ms.

  8. He tells you he will "HELP" you!

  9. He says "DON'T WORRY" too many times that you have got to start worrying!

  10. He screws the event for you, by not meeting to your request and how will he when he failed in POINT 3 of the above. He obviously proves to you that he has the memory of a cockroach.

  11. Messes the event for the customer, and instead of listening to the complains, demands for the balance which again as POINT 5 clearly says, it's a different price.

  12. Able to call you a thousand times after the event for the balance cash, but during the pre-preparations, had no time to call and say the "last minute" failures of meeting customer's needs, then again how would he when he failed to take the customer's order properly, where by failing in POINT 3 of the above.

  13. Takes another Indian for granted, or probably thought the Indian customer was just some DUMB ASS like himself.

  14. He constantly reminds you, he was "HELPING" you when he has forgotten, it's being PAID FOR!

  15. Finally comes to meet you to listen to your complain but tells you to hurry up as he has other obligations.

  16. Refuses to admit his mistakes, but tries to close the issue by making it look like he's doing YOU A FAVOR!

  17. Never says SORRY!

So to the fellow Malaysian Indians who think this is the way to go about with your Customer Service, or event organising, please remember, that ROTTEN MANGOES like you, are why, we decent Indians get a rotten name too!

It is so true when they tell you never close a deal with an INDIAN!
His words are as thin as the alcohol he drinks and when they call you sister or brother in a business deal, they seriously just want to ROB YOU IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!

Their customers are just DOLLAR signs! They have no decent work ethics, discipline nor respect for anyone else which is why they do what they do and royally destroy the credibility of the Indians in this country who work with honesty and respect to satisfy their customers!

When you do meet a ROTTEN MANGO like this, smack them down because I did and it sure feels good!

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