Mar 1, 2010

* Pot meets Kettle

In my life, I have come across a special group of people who fall under the category of "the pot calling the kettle black"!

They are difficult to be with, but these very same people find it so easy to say it's difficult to be with you!

It's like you need to put up with so much of their mood swings, complaints, dissatisfaction with life be it work, family, their other friends, traffic, just name it la, there's something that can be of a bother to them, but you listen, you take the time to listen, because you consider that person your friend.
What sucks is when you come to know that when do the exact same thing, the so called "venting" your heart out with matters that bother you, you are categorised as exhausting to be with.
Best of all is you are told of it directly, and you are expected not to keep a grudge against that comment. Can you not? Can you be one who can let that go and change yourself for that very same friend?

No, I don't think so.

One thing you can learn from it for sure is, your problems are just yours no matter what. When you think you can vent to someone, you will only find out that you've been made into a subject they complain or laugh about behind your back.

So choose the people you want to share your sorrows with properly.

Most of them are not deserving of you so stay away.

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