Mar 1, 2010

* Travel Buddy

Have you ever been on a trip with someone who finally makes your holiday turn into a piercing experience?
Well a good friend of mine just came back from an overseas trip, and the whole time talking to her, she had only the most distressed stories to tell me and I sincerely feel so sorry that she had carried along with her in this trip, a stack of daggers that got thrown at her, yes her travel buddy!
Some people make the worst travel buddies!
They grumble about almost everything and spoil your mood for an outing by delaying you in the most irritating way.
Some have too high an expectation of a 7STAR treatment when the fact of the matter is their travel is to a place that does not offer such luxury, nor could she afford the luxury but never failed to make it look as though she could.
Many just cannot have fun, and some are so good at crossing the arms and sulking away as if what you want to do as part of the trip is just stupid, lame and boring.
Isn't it about giving and taking which is why you decided to go on the trip together in the first place? It shouldn't be about one party taking and the other giving in at all times isn't it?
I think one should educate them self well before embarking on a holiday.
Educate themselves about the place and what to expect out of it.
It's like they expect to see "snow in the desert"
It's like a soon to be bride going on a sea side holiday and grumbling to her fiance over the phone in the hotel, that she's gone 2 tones darker since the little kid in the trip wanted to play on the beach - yeah I heard that complain behind my back on a holiday trip I went on with some friends!
If you want to complain, stay home! Don't bother dragging yourself or even planning a trip only to be of the lousiest aura to someone else.
If you cannot accommodate, don't bother putting others on a torture trip!
Unfortunately, you can never tell the sort of travel buddy one can be until you do travel with them and that seriously sucks!

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