Mar 26, 2010

* What's in a FACE

What do you look at in a face of someone in a conversation?
The eyes? Lips? The entire face itself?

Well some people may say, "look me in the eye when you speak to me" this is with regards to expecting an honest conversation, but seriously where do you look at when you speak to someone or when you are watching someone else speak?

I have discovered that when I am talking to someone, I look them in the eye, but also discovered that when I watch people talk I look at their mouth - well that's because I can read lips very well! If I were watching a movie it could be either the eyes or the mouth.

Sinfully I just drop dead at the lips of Gerard Butler when he speaks, besides his sexy Irish accent of course. The way his lips move glues me to watching his movies even more, and I believe I feel the same way for Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman. Where else watching Morgan Freeman or Jack Nickelson would make me watch their eyes instead ( I doubt it's because of their age!). Why? I don't know.. could it be the attraction factor of this parts in their faces. Then again sometimes I catch myself not interested to look at the face at all because it's enough torture having to listen to the person speak. Yikes..
So go have some fun and analyse which is your favorite part in the faces of the ones around you, and hopefully it's in their face and not their butt or cleavage :P

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