Mar 28, 2010

* You talk too much!

Going back to classes again, and that too with a mixed age group, can really test your tolerance level. It's so easy to get along with so many but you are bound to end up with one that hits the right nerve to drive you up the wall.

I have a classmate who seriously sickens me! From a different age group? Era? May be so, but I have been the sort who gets along pretty well with anyone despite the differences. Somehow with this one particular person I can't. I really can't.

Her comments, her so called "opinions", the way she speaks itself gives me the vibes that she really thinks 'only she knows best!'

There are people who can talk and talk so much and not bore you. It's educational and informative and then there are people like her, who talk so much, ripping my study time, and wasting it on having to listen to her granny stories that has no relevance to anything. In fact she has such a demeaning outlook of the younger generation. Yes, old school of thoughts is where she comes from, but seriously people should learn to
  1. talk less
  2. talk sense,
  3. talk when you are required to,
  4. talk without offending your classmates,
  5. and talk as a student who listens to what others have to say as well.
  6. Talk without wasting another person's time,
  7. and definitely talk in relevance to the audience/classmates in this case!
If you find yourself in a situation like this where you are a student in a class of a tertiary education, just remember you aren't the tutor, and your classmates did not pay to get in class to listen to JUST YOU and your crappy talk!!!

Classes for this semester is over, and when the next one starts, I pray I have more patience, or she is probably going to get it from me straight at her forehead!

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